New Motors Will Bring New Breakthroughs To The Electric Vehicle Industry

- Nov 14, 2018-

The motor is not far away from our production and life, from the driving devices of various equipments such as fans and pumps, to the washing machines, electric fans and air conditioners commonly used in households. The motors are widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, municipalities and home appliances. And other fields.

According to statistics, in 2015, China's motor ownership was about 2.4 billion kilowatts, and the total power consumption was about 3.5 trillion kilowatt hours, accounting for 65% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society.

Through energy efficiency improvement, China's motor system efficiency can be increased by 5 to 8 percentage points as a whole, and annual energy saving of 130 billion to 230 billion kWh can be achieved, equivalent to the annual power generation of two to three Three Gorges power stations.

Few people know that a motor that is not eye-catching consumes more than half of the country's electricity. High-efficiency motors are one of the most effective ways to save electricity. Promoting high-efficiency motors has become a major event in China's economic transformation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and even smog control.

“The electricity bill has been significantly reduced.” This is a significant change after Guangdong Nengqiang Ceramics Co., Ltd. adopted high-efficiency energy-saving motors. “Ceramics are high-energy-consuming industries, and electricity costs account for a higher share of total costs.” The company’s official said that after the company’s high-efficiency motors were used in ceramic ball mills, the power-saving rate reached 18%, according to the average value of industrial electricity. Calculated at 0.8 yuan / kWh, the annual cost savings of 64,624 yuan, more than 1 year can recover the cost of investment transformation.

In fact, the motor is not far away from our production and life. It is large enough to drive devices such as fans, pumps, compressors, etc., to small household washing machines, electric fans, air conditioners, etc. The motors are widely used in industry and agriculture. In many fields such as transportation, municipal administration, and home appliances, motors must be used wherever electrical energy needs to be converted into mechanical energy or mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

Because of its wide range of applications, motors have become the most power-hungry terminal devices. According to estimates, in 2015, China's motor ownership was about 2.4 billion kilowatts, and the total power consumption was about 3.5 trillion kWh, accounting for 65% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society. The total electricity consumption of the industrial sector was 2.9 trillion kilowatts. At the time, it accounts for 74% of industrial electricity consumption, and industrial motor power consumption accounts for 52% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society.

In recent years, with the support of national policies, China's motor energy efficiency level has gradually increased, but the overall energy efficiency level is still low. From the perspective of the motor itself, the average level of motor efficiency in China is 3 to 5 percentage points lower than that of foreign countries. The high-efficiency motor currently used only accounts for about 8%. From the perspective of the motor system, due to unreasonable matching and backward adjustment, the motor system The operating efficiency is 10 to 20 percentage points lower than the foreign advanced level, and the heavy use of low-efficiency motors causes huge waste of electricity. For every 1 percentage point increase in energy efficiency of the industrial sector, it can save about 26 billion kWh of electricity per year.

Xu Dianguo, vice president of Harbin Institute of Technology, said that through the improvement of energy efficiency, the efficiency of China's motor system can be improved by 5 to 8 percentage points as a whole, and the annual energy saving can reach 130 billion to 230 billion kWh, equivalent to 2 to 3 Three Gorges power stations. Annual power generation.

The energy saving of the motor system is an important part of China's establishment of a conservation-oriented society and the development of a circular economy. Its core lies in technological breakthroughs. At present, there are two types of high-efficiency motors that have an absolute advantage in the market: YE3 series ultra-high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. However, according to the market participants, the actual energy saving effect of the YE3 motor is not good, and the permanent magnet motor will have different degrees of degaussing after using for a period of time; the reluctance motor has the advantages of stability and energy saving, but the technical implementation is difficult.

In the market research, the reporter found that Shenzhen Fengfa Technology Development Co., Ltd. has not only broken through the technical problems of switched reluctance motor, but also successfully industrialized this technology. In October of this year, this technology has passed the scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and its energy-saving effect can reach 15% to 20%, far exceeding the existing high-efficiency motor technology.

At present, the company's switched reluctance motor has been put into use in ceramics, chemical industry and other industries. Zhou Qingyu, Chairman of Fengfa Technology Development Co., Ltd. told the Economic Daily reporter that Shandong Laiwu Taihe Biochemical Co., Ltd. converted the original three-phase asynchronous motor into an intelligent speed-regulating motor, and the power saving rate reached 20.16%. Foshan Liangjian Co., Ltd. conducted a comparison test on energy saving of the ball mill, showing that the power saving rate also reached 14% to 16%.

It is worth noting that this technology will help solve the existing electric car dilemma. Zhou Qingyu revealed that the current motor technology of Fengfa Technology Development Co., Ltd. can be used to improve the existing electric vehicle motor, and the motor energy saving rate can be as high as 50%. This also means that the electric vehicle's cruising range can be increased by 50% under the same battery capacity; coupled with the motor's no-current impact, the battery life will increase by 100% to 20 years.

Experts said that on the one hand, the switched reluctance motor system is an ideal equipment for technological transformation and product upgrading. It can reduce energy consumption by more than 20% in industry, and also reduce industrial waste emissions and promote enterprise transformation and upgrading. . On the other hand, the motor, electric control and power supply are the three key points of the electric vehicle enterprise. The new electric motor can be used as a breakthrough to solve the problem that the current pure electric vehicle has a short cruising range and promote the further development of the electric vehicle industry in China.

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