New Opportunities Under The Hub Motor

- Dec 10, 2018-

New opportunities under the hub motor

In the new energy vehicle market, the central drive motor currently dominates, the wheel drive motor is considered a transitional drive solution, and the hub motor is known as the ultimate drive solution for new energy vehicles. “The biggest benefit of hub drive is energy saving. With the large-scale use of motors and control technology, and the elimination of intermediate components such as transmissions, its cost should be further reduced.” Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of the School of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology Sun Fengchun summed up the technical advantages of the hub motor.

The hub motor can save about 15% energy compared with the centralized drive. In addition, it is easy to arrange low-floor buses, shuttle buses, etc. If there is no wheel drive or the hub drive system is vacant, low-floor models are difficult to achieve. Third, the hub drive contributes a lot to the weight reduction of the whole vehicle, which can reduce the weight of the vehicle by at least 15%; in addition, it has the advantage of high reliability, and is also more conducive to the realization of intelligent driving and intelligent driving technology in the future. . Therefore, in recent years, domestic component companies have been betting on wheel hub motor technology through overseas acquisitions.

In June 2016, Zhejiang Auto Brake Co., Ltd. Wanan Technology acquired a 10.36% stake in ProteanElec-tric (Protean), a leading company in the automotive wheel motor, for US$20 million. At the same time that Zhejiang Wanan invested in Protean, Tianhai Synchronous Group was also one of the investors in the stock market: GOScale Capital, Zhejiang Wanan Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Tianhai Synchronous Group Co., Ltd. jointly invested US$70 million in Protean.

In the field of wheel motors, Protean has more than 60 approved patents and more than 160 approved patents, which is the industry leader.

In July 2015, Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Electromechanical Co., Ltd., a supplier of automotive brake systems in China, also entered into a shareholding agreement with Elaphe Propp Technologies, a Slovenian wheel hub motor manufacturer. The former contributed 10 million euros to hold a 20% stake in the latter's capital increase and share expansion. Although not as famous as Protean, Elaphe is the world's leading hub motor company. The company started to develop wheel hub motors in 2003 and developed the first wheel hub motor products in 2006. In the past ten years of technology accumulation, Elaphe has developed More than 15 models of hub motors have been equipped with more than 10 models. Similarly, Asia-Pacific Electromechanical also uses 2018 as the first year of mass production of hub motors.

Lu Chao believes that overseas acquisition is a realistic way for local parts and components enterprises to transform and upgrade and achieve technological breakthroughs. "In the past few years, China's auto industry has developed greatly, and parts companies have also made money, and there are also some companies with certain strength. But in the traditional auto field, there is no room for breakthrough in technology, we can only follow the mature Behind the giants of cars and parts, you can make a small amount of money. But in the field of new energy vehicles, new technologies are constantly emerging, and there are still many possibilities. Many foreign companies and innovative technologies, but they lack the conditions and opportunities for application, and Local parts companies understand the Chinese market and understand Chinese customers. The combination of the two advantages can achieve better development."

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