New Technology Added To Electric Vehicles Bidirectional Inverter Motor Controller Technology Was Born In Wuhan Optics Valley

- Oct 18, 2018-

New technology added to electric vehicles Bidirectional inverter motor controller technology was born in Wuhan Optics Valley

Traditional electric vehicles must have two accessories: a motor controller and a car charger. The company has recently combined the two to develop a dual-inverter motor controller that intelligently recognizes, can charge the car, converts battery energy directly into daily life, and adds new technology to the electric car.

Electric cars can provide energy for cooking and cooking? Drive the air conditioner? At present, this technology was born in Wuhan Optics Valley, and the introduction of the bidirectional inverter motor controller will turn this possibility into reality.

At the scene, the traditional accessories necessary for electric vehicles, the motor controller and the car charger weighed 75 kilograms, and the improved two-in-one product bidirectional inverter motor controller weighs about 40 kilograms, and the volume is reduced by about three. One of the points, but the function is greatly enhanced.

Liu Bin, the company's technical director, said that the new two-way inverter motor controller reduces the weight and weight, realizes part of the energy recovery function, and makes the electric car last longer. It can identify three working modes through the driver's operation. Charging mode, brake feedback mode, electric drive mode; when one of the electric cars is on the road, when the power is exhausted, another electric car drives to the side, and the special plug is plugged in, charging half The hourly car has revived the engine of life.

In addition, the installation of the bidirectional inverter motor controller also realizes an important function, that is, in the case of power failure, the function of providing household electricity can be realized.

Take a 45-seat electric bus as an example. When the home is out of power, use the bi-directional inverter motor controller to convert the electric energy of the car's power battery into civilian electricity. You can easily cook with the induction cooker, rice cooker Cooking. After a full meal, you can open a 1.5-seat air conditioner and sleep until dawn to complete it. Electric cars can also last for about 100 kilometers.

"With the electric car with our equipment installed, when we are outing in the wild, if the restaurant food is not suitable for taste, we can use the electric energy to fry the fried meat and stewed fish head tofu soup." The person in charge of the company said.

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