Ningxia Successfully Developed High-pressure High-power Explosion-proof Motor For Mining

- Oct 24, 2018-

Ningxia successfully developed high-pressure high-power explosion-proof motor for mining

People's Daily Online Yinchuan November 16th, November 12th, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department organized relevant experts to carry out high-pressure and high-power flame-proof explosion of YBSS series heavy-duty scraper conveyor for Shizuishan City Science and Technology Research Project undertaken by Ningxia Northwest Junma Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The motor development project carried out scientific and technological achievements appraisal. The successful development of the project has narrowed the gap between the explosion-proof motor for mining heavy-duty scraper conveyors in China and the international advanced level, and accelerated the localization process of the comprehensive coal mining equipment in China's large coal mines, replacing the import. The product can be used underground in coal mines containing methane and explosive dust in the air.

During the project development process, the electromagnetic design software of the motor with independent intellectual property rights was developed, and the mechanical seal of the anti-smashing oil bearing of the explosion-proof motor, the anti-bulging structure of the water-cooled motor and the water-cooled end cap body, and the motor rotor end ring milling tire were authorized by the state. Utility model patents.

The appraisal committee unanimously agreed that the bearing anti-squeeze oil L-type mechanical seal structure developed by the project, the motor inner end ring and the iron core end ring inner sleeve distance rod positioning structure, the inner circulation elliptical ventilation groove structure, the 20-core in the junction box Technology such as line component structure is innovative. The main technical performance indicators of the products are close to or reach the level of similar foreign products, which have replaced imports, with significant economic and social benefits and broad market prospects.

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