No Air Conditioning?You Need An Air Conditioner

- Sep 26, 2018-

Phlogistic summer, if air conditioning is not open, not necessarily be air conditioning itself of the trouble, it is the problem that voltage instability produces very likely.

At present, the base voltage of the power network in some regions of China is low. Coupled with the large number of users of refrigeration appliances in hot summer, most air conditioners operate under low voltage or with excessive voltage fluctuation. Therefore, the following two points should be noted for daily use of air conditioners:

1. It is difficult to start the compressor motor. This is because the network voltage is too low to meet the normal starting voltage value of the compressor.(note: do not switch the machine frequently in this state, otherwise the compressor will burn down.)

2. The compressor is not stable in operation.The voltage fluctuation range of the power grid is too large, and the voltage rises or falls suddenly. In such a situation, the air conditioner will stop running by itself. If the voltage fluctuation is too large for a long time, the air conditioner compressor will run extremely abnormal, and the premature aging of the air conditioner and the burning of the compressor will occur.You need a domestic air conditioner at this time.

The starting voltage of general air conditioners is 200-240v, and the starting voltage of variable-frequency air conditioners is 150V(some brands do not recommend low-voltage start, which is easy to burn down the compressor).The domestic air conditioner stabilizer can stabilize the input voltage from 140 to 250 to 220+-5%, which can perfectly solve the problem that the air conditioner cannot start normally due to low voltage and unstable voltage.

At present, there are a great variety of stabilizers in the market. The voltage stabilizer used is for the purpose of using air conditioning in a safer and more secure way. We must select a stable and reliable delixi voltage stabilizer to stabilize the voltage.

1. Confirm the type of equipment to be loaded (resistance load: computer/TV/water heater, etc.);Inductive load includes: washing machine/refrigerator/air conditioner, etc.If the scene is mixed, it is calculated according to the perceptual load.

2. Confirm the total power of the loaded equipment (common equipment power: computer 350W/ TV 400W/ water heater 2500W/ air conditioner 1P=800W)

3. The formula for selecting the size of the voltage stabilizer is as follows:The actual power of washer/refrigerator/air conditioner, etc.Hybrid scene actual power X3

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