NSK Successfully Developed Energy-saving Motors

- Oct 26, 2018-

NSK successfully developed energy-saving motors

In order to continuously improve the current energy-saving requirements of motors, Seiko Co., Ltd. has recently developed low-loss bearings for energy-saving motors. This product can reduce the friction loss inside the bearing to half of the original, thus achieving energy saving. NSK predicts that sales of this product will reach 7 billion yen by 2016.

Development background

In recent years, in order to prevent global warming, countries are committed to energy conservation and emission reduction. In particular, motors account for 75% of electricity consumption in various fields such as production. For this reason, countries are actively pursuing their respective motor energy efficiency standards to reduce energy consumption. In 2008, the International Electrotechnical Commission (hereinafter referred to as IEC) uniformly issued and issued international motor energy efficiency standards. Among the factors that determine the energy efficiency of the motor, the loss of the motor itself such as iron loss, copper loss, line loss, wind loss, etc. accounts for 90%, and the loss from the bearing only accounts for 10%. With the advancement of motors to higher-level energy efficiency standards such as *IE3 and IE4, the requirements for low loss of bearings will be further improved.

IE3, IE4 level: IEC developed energy efficiency rating, IE1 (standard) IE2 (higher energy efficiency) IE3 (high energy efficiency) IE4 (ultra-high energy efficiency)


This product achieves ultra-high speed operation and durability by the following features.

◆ Compared with the original product, the loss is reduced by half.

The loss is halved by optimizing the design of the bearing.

Product performance

1. Improve the energy-saving effect of the motor

It can supply energy-saving products that meet the energy efficiency standards of JIS or IE3 and IE4, and reduce the power consumption of the motor.

2. Improve reliability

Improve the reliability of the motor and equipment by reducing bearing losses and suppressing the temperature rise of the bearing.

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