Obtaining Hybrid Field Motor Technology

- Nov 17, 2018-

Obtaining hybrid field motor technology

Japanese industrial machinery maker Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) recently spent $33 million (about 227 million yuan) to acquire Persimmon Technologies, a 3D printing developer in Wakefield, Massachusetts. As a result, Sumitomo Heavy Industries received the latter's vacuum robot and the next generation of "hybrid field" motor technology. This will help them to expand their business in industrial robot gear reducers and plastic extruders, while looking for new opportunities in the hybrid electric vehicle industry, such as steering and braking components for cars and motorcycles.

“We are excited to be part of a $7 billion company. SHI will focus on investing in our hybrid field motor technology and helping to expand our robot manufacturing footprint at Wakefield,” said Persimmon CEO and President Michael Pippins. “At the same time, this time. The acquisition will also help us to fully exploit the huge market potential of hybrid field motor technology in today's fast-growing electric vehicles and industrial robots."

Persimmon started developing its hybrid field motors in 2011. This next-generation motor (specifically, the core of the core) is not traditionally laminated, but is currently a very hot 3D printing technology, specifically an injection-molded 3D printing technology. This technique uses a flexible magnetic composite that is actually ejected in the form of small droplets and then stacked layer by layer until a complete structure is deposited.

This new approach simplifies the motor manufacturing process and improves its motor performance (because traditional cores do not allow current to flow in all directions). “Compared to conventional motors, our hybrid field motors are smaller and lighter, with higher output power and better energy efficiency,” explains Persimmon. “Specifically, its power density has increased by 40%. Energy loss is reduced by 15%."


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