Open, Shared M2U Cross-border E-commerce Platform

- Dec 04, 2018-

Topas: Open, shared M2U cross-border e-commerce platform

Unlike the predecessor's "self-employed e-commerce", in the platform mode, the role of Tuolaisi is not "purchasing", but "service provider": Chinese suppliers are independent, supply, and own brand (and It is not the Tolas brand) which sells products directly to US end users; Tulais is committed to providing market research, product development, logistics and warehousing, offline display, marketing and promotion, after-sales service and overseas brand building. One-stop professional service.

“On the Turas platform, China’s small and medium-sized manufacturing companies can share resources and capabilities that they cannot build, and the cost is extremely low.” Fu Yufeng said, “We hope to achieve the goal of allowing Chinese suppliers to focus on R&D. Production, give us all the things in the foreign trade."

Supporting China's industrial equipment "self-export" with one-stop professional services

The product line of Tolas is no longer limited to metal processing machinery, but will be extended to all industrial equipment products. “In theory, all the mechanical equipment, parts and raw materials that the US factory needs can be exported through the Tulaos platform.”

In Fu Yufeng's view, the US market is still a blue ocean. In 2016, China exported 1.2 trillion US dollars of mechanical and electrical products, 19% of which were sold to the United States. For many years, the United States has been the largest export market for mechanical and electrical products and industrial equipment in China.

China's largest export market for mechanical and electrical products, still has huge growth potential

"But we must know that in 2016, the United States imported 640 billion US dollars of mechanical and electrical products from the world, and China only accounted for 35% of the total. China's furniture, shoes and umbrellas and other light industrial products have occupied 60% of the US import market. %." Fu Yufeng believes that China's mechanical and electrical products still have huge growth potential in the United States compared to low value-added light industrial products.

Fu Yufeng is convinced that the success that Tolas has achieved in the field of "metal processing machinery" can be replicated. "In the future, with the support of Topas, any Chinese mechanical and electrical products and industrial equipment manufacturing enterprise can achieve annual sales of millions of dollars, millions of dollars or even more in the US market as long as the products are excellent."

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