Optimal Control Technology For High Speed And High Precision Machine Tools

- Nov 16, 2018-

Optimal control technology for high speed and high precision machine tools

Conventional machine tools have only one actuator in the same direction, which does not optimize the machining efficiency of the machine. This is where current machine tool applications are generally expected to improve and optimize. The high-speed and high-precision machine tool optimization control technology that MERL is engaged in is to improve the efficiency of the machine tool by improving the actuator algorithm. Therefore, MERL's machine tool optimal control algorithm has realized the design of two actuators in the same direction, so that the two actuators can work effectively according to the optimal control algorithm. At present, the high-precision machine tool optimal control technology can increase the machining speed by 10% to 40% compared with the machine tool without the optimized control technology, and the machine tool can be made without the need for repeated speed reduction and acceleration of the actuator. The movement is smoother and the maximum energy saving is 50%.

Awareness of consciousness

When it comes to awareness, we might think of super powers. But MERL engineers tell us that awareness of consciousness is completely technically possible to achieve this dream. Recently, in their research, the use of brain waves to control the wheelchair, brain waves to achieve auto-cruise and other functions have been realized. MERL engineers believe that they can fully utilize low-cost wearable sensors (EEG, electromechanical) and other non-contact (such as camera, voice) sensors for intelligent brain-computer interaction, as well as accident avoidance systems in the automotive and manufacturing industries. At the same time, MERL engineers have proved through a lot of practice that, like human fingerprints, each person's EEG is also different. Therefore, they believe that EEG can be used as an important biometric feature to distinguish different people in the future.

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