Overview Of The Development Of China's Motor Parts Industry In 2011

- Oct 24, 2018-

Overview of the development of China's motor parts industry in 2011

In recent years, the backbone enterprises of China's motor industry have obtained the manufacturing technology of the world's advanced countries through the introduction of the whole machine and key component assemblies. At the same time, they have driven the design of key components such as stators and rotors, and the manufacturing technology of motor products. The level of equipment has also been greatly improved. The development of the technical level of China's motor parts industry is undergoing three stages of development: the first stage, the introduction of technology and digestion and absorption; the second stage, the partial localization of parts production, based on the introduction of technology, based on the national conditions , for application development and design; in the third stage, key enterprises in the industry will continue

At present, some of the technical level and quality level of China's motor parts products have approached or reached the international advanced level, but there are still some motor parts and components products in the accuracy and fatigue life and the international advanced level there is a certain gap. The gap in the technical level of the domestic motor parts industry is mainly reflected in the low accuracy of products, the dependence on imports of key materials, the inability to control quality, and the weak ability of independent innovation.

As a supporting enterprise of motor complete machine manufacturers, the operating mode of motor parts manufacturing enterprises is usually: through sample trial production, tooling samples, small batch supply, obtain the audit and certification of the motor complete machine factory, and determine the supporting supply relationship with the whole machine factory. According to the requirements of the motor manufacturer, the product production process design, test, stereotype, and then mass production, sales, and provide after-sales service.

The motor parts matching market has gradually separated and developed from the motor complete machine industry in the past 20 years of global industrial development. The global motor machine manufacturer has gradually shifted from the traditional vertical operation, the pursuit of large and complete production mode to the streamlining mechanism, and the specialized production mode based on the research and development of motor complete machine projects. In the process of implementing large-scale lean production, major motor manufacturers gradually reduce the self-made rate of motor parts, and the demand for parts and components mainly depends on external independent suppliers.

As an important part of the automobile, electric vehicle, refrigeration equipment compressor, power tools and household appliances, the quality of the motor directly affects the normal operation and performance of the main engine. The precision and reliability requirements are high, and the after-sales service for the products is also Higher requirements. In order to ensure the quality and quality of the products, the motor manufacturers need to conduct long-term inspections on the stator and rotor manufacturers, and then determine the supporting supply relationship. Only the motor stator and rotor manufacturers with strong R&D capability, stable product quality, high service level and strong sustainable operation ability can obtain the approval of the motor manufacturers. Once approved, the motor stator and rotor manufacturers form an important competitiveness of the enterprise. In order to gain recognition, motor stator and rotor manufacturers need to continuously develop new products that meet market demands and continuously improve product quality and service levels. Continuous product innovation and service network investment require funds, and it takes time to obtain customer recognition. Therefore, it has certain obstacles for new enterprises in a short period of time.

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