Paper Shredder Gear Motor Manufacturer

- Apr 19, 2019-

Paper Shredder Gear Motor manufacturer

ISO9001-2000 quality certification company, professional plastic gear and plastic parts manufacturer. The factory has a number of high-precision new equipment: Japan Mitsubishi spark machine, Japan OKK, Taiwan torch computer 锣 (CNC processing center), all kinds of imports More than 80 brand injection molding machines, precision CNC gear hobbing machines and a series of equipment for processing parts; strict incoming inspection (IQC), production process inspection (IPQC), advanced inspection equipment for finished product inspection (PQC), and quality assurance ( QA) to ensure the quality of the product. The main products are spindle teeth, single double teeth, crown teeth, bevel gears, rollers (pulley), helical teeth, worms, safety clutch teeth, and small modulus copper teeth. And undertake precision cabinet, mold design, production and production, plastic injection molding processing. Products used in toys, watches, cameras, Paper Shredder Gear Motor, timers, recorders, shredders, four-wheel drive, copiers, fax machines, Micro-motors, household appliances, etc.

The hardware department has more than 160 different types of advanced production equipment imported from Japan, Germany and other countries, such as computer numerical control lathes, gear hobbing machines, automatic lathes, high-speed punching machines, centerless grinding machines, tapping machines, knurling machines, various drilling machines and milling machines. , grinding machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, etc. The company mainly produces precision metal parts, all kinds of motors, synchronous motors, power tools, fishing tackles, electric toys, instruments, meters, high-precision small modulus metal cylindrical true gears, helical gears, turbines, etc., all kinds of electronics, electrical appliances, lighting , technology, CNC machine lathe, automatic lathe, instrument lathe, the company has always been adhering to the "customer is God, quality is the life of the company" business philosophy. "Honesty, honor, the pursuit of excellence" business objectives. To provide new and old customers with high quality The products, fast and high quality delivery and after-sales service. I hope that all the merchants will give the company full support with the enthusiasm of the past!

Paper Shredder Gear Motor

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