Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Technology Represents The Future Technological Development Direction Of The Wind Power Industry

- Nov 09, 2018-

Permanent magnet direct drive technology represents the future technological development direction of the wind power industry

At 11 o'clock on the morning of June 15, Toksun Zhongche Yongdian Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was established and the first batch of crew off-line ceremony was held in Toksun County, Xinjiang, directly to the permanent magnet wind turbine generator production base in Toksun County, by Tok The 1.5MW permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbine, numbered “2127B7X160295” manufactured by Xundong Automobile Yongdian Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., wearing red flowers and wearing red silk “waiting” is in front of the No. 1 station on the rostrum. The bride is "intimate", Zhang Wenquan, secretary of the Turpan Municipal Party Committee, chairman of the Zhongji Yongji Motor Co., Ltd., general manager Nan Qinlong, executive vice president of Xinjiang Jinfeng Technology Co., Ltd. Cao Zhigang, and deputy mayor of Turpan Yujiaerjiang In the Turpan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the leaders of the Tuxon County Committee and the county government and the representatives of the cooperative enterprises and 60 employees, the company unveiled the mysterious veil for “her”...

Xinjiang is an important economic belt of China's “Belt and Road” and an important area for the development of clean energy. Turpan is a major town on the ancient Silk Road. It has a cultural heritage of more than 4,000 years and is currently connected to the mainland, Central Asia and the North and South. The transportation hub; the Toksun County, known as the “wind bank”, has a superior geographical position, abundant wind resources, an average annual wind speed of 8M/S, and a relatively stable wind speed, which is an advantageous area for the wind power industry. CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. is committed to green, environmentally friendly and sustainable new energy development, actively fulfilling the responsibility of central enterprises, keenly capturing market and policy information, and establishing large direct drive permanent magnet wind power generation through field research and market forecast analysis. Machine development and manufacturing company - Toksun Zhongche Yongdian Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., the main products are permanent magnet direct drive 1.5MW and 2.0MW wind turbines. The company is currently completed and put into operation, covering an area of 50 mu, and plans to build a production base of 100 mu. After it is completed and put into production, it will have an annual assembly capacity of 660 1.5MW permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbines (1 million KW).

Industry experts believe that permanent magnet direct drive technology represents the future technological development direction of the wind power industry. The 1.5MW permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbine adopts a multi-pole motor and a direct connection of the impeller for driving. The structure is simple, and has many advantages such as high efficiency, low noise, high life, small unit size, low operation and maintenance cost, etc. at low wind speed; The power generation efficiency is 3-5% higher than that of the doubly-fed wind turbine, the operation is reliable, the grid connection performance is excellent, and the product has the lowest power cost in the whole life cycle. The establishment of Toksun Zhongche Yongdian Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. laid the foundation for the further expansion of CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. and even China CRRC Wind Power Market. In the next step, CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. will establish a wind power business based on the market planning of “full range of R&D, cross-regional coverage and international operation”.

CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electric drive and new energy power products, providing electric drive system complete solutions for users around the world. Over the years, we have adhered to the in-depth research and technical application of the core technology of rail transit electric drive, and actively explored and achieved a diversified business structure. Products and markets cover rail transit, wind power, emerging industries, service industries, overseas operations, etc. The field has formed a business structure with a multi-point layout of Yongji and Xi'an as the base, an international and domestic multi-point layout, and an agile and efficient product organization system. It has an annual output of 22,000 sets of rail transit, wind power generators and 2000 sets of converters. The production capacity of 130,000 large-capacity power electronic devices, 10,000 power modules and 14,000 motor repairs are exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

It is reported that CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. began to enter the field of wind power in 1998. In 2000, the first 600KW squirrel-cage wind turbine developed in China was successfully launched. In 2004, China’s first concession Shihshangshan project consisted of 167 units. All use cage asynchronous generators produced by Yongji Electric Co.; from 2006 to 2015, China's first 1.5MW doubly-fed wind turbine, 2.0MW doubly-fed wind turbine, 3.0MW semi-direct drive wind turbine, 3.0MW Doubly-fed wind turbines, 5.0MW doubly-fed wind turbines, 1.5MW and 2.5MW direct-drive permanent magnet generators, 2.0MW and 3MW direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbines, 2.0MW and 2.5MW high-altitude low-temperature-lift doubly-fed wind power generation The machine has successfully rolled off the line at Yongji Motor Company. By the end of 2015, more than 20,000 wind turbines of various types have been sold, and the total power has exceeded 28 million kilowatts. In 2015, the sales revenue of the wind power market exceeded 5 billion yuan.

At present, CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. is the only company in China that has both R&D and manufacturing of three main types of cages, doubly-fed and permanent magnets, and power ranging from 600kW to 6MW wind turbines. The remaining items are the world's leading wind power equipment R&D and manufacturing companies. On the basis of maintaining the leading position in technology research and development and manufacturing capabilities, the company is firmly committed to the development opportunities of the national wind power industry, adhering to the concept of “individualized customization” and “zero distance service” to realize the “private order” and “exclusive” of wind power generators. "Service", adhere to work with major wind power manufacturers to promote China's wind power manufacturing to the world.

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