Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Into The Mainstream Of The Motor Market

- Dec 03, 2018-

Permanent magnet synchronous motor into the mainstream of the motor market

It is understood that the permanent magnet synchronous motor is the mainstream driving motor on the market. Compared with other motors, it has the advantages of high power density, high efficiency, small size, light weight, diversified structure and wide application range. Relevant data show that from January to October 2017, China's new energy vehicles accounted for 78.1% of permanent magnet synchronous motors in passenger vehicles; in the passenger vehicle field, permanent magnet synchronous motors accounted for 94.6%; special vehicles, Yong Magnetic synchronous motors accounted for 78.6%.

Motor electronic control integration into the industry development trend

Up to now, domestic new energy vehicle motors can generally meet market requirements. The electric vehicle resource network has learned that the integration of motor electronic control has become an industry consensus. With the new energy passenger car volume, the new energy vehicle industry chain is segmented and sophisticated. The trend is obvious.

The person in charge of Huichuan Technology said in an interview with the electric vehicle resource network that as the company with the highest market share in the electronic control of new energy buses, the company has begun to deploy new energy logistics vehicles and passenger car electronic control and powertrain systems, and Cooperation with advanced foreign companies. With the technical foundation accumulated by the industrial control industry and the advanced experience of overseas companies, the company is expected to grow into one of the most competitive enterprises in the field of new energy automobile motor electronic control.

On the future development of the motor industry, Dayang Motor mentioned that “the company has completed the strategic layout of the new energy automobile industry chain by acquiring Shanghai Electric Drive, participating in Ballard, and expanding the business platform of new energy vehicles, and forming a closed loop of the industrial chain. He also said that it is important to further enhance the company's influence and improve the performance of the product itself.

Industry experts believe that the future development trend of driving motors:

First, the modularization and integration of the motor electronic control, through the integration of the motor and the electronic control, to achieve the purpose of reducing the space size of the components and improving the utilization of the space of the vehicle.

Second, control noise, enhance comfort, replace the powertrain mode of the traditional engine "engine + transmission" through the "motor + electronic control" powertrain mode, reduce noise during vehicle operation and enhance comfort.

Thirdly, to improve the performance parameters of the motor, the new energy vehicle puts high requirements on the speed range, torque and power density of the motor, which further requires the enterprise to start from the raw materials and purchase the material with excellent performance to ensure the motor. The performance is realized, and the motor manufacturing and assembly level is improved by means of an automated production line to ensure product quality.


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