Permanent Magnet Wind Motor Sales Are Expected To Go Out Of The Downturn

- Oct 27, 2018-

Permanent magnet wind motor sales are expected to go out of the downturn

Metal bismuth prices have fallen to less than half of last year's peak, and wind turbine manufacturers have made it clear that they can accept the current price. A senior executive of a listed company in Beijing said. The data shows that the current price of base metals is 53.55 million yuan / ton. Compared with the peak period of 1.8 million yuan / ton, the decline was nearly 70%.

In addition, the new standards for wind power systems further contribute to the development of permanent magnet motors. At present, wind turbines are divided into doubly-fed asynchronous and direct-drive permanent magnets. Although the direct-drive permanent magnet has the technical advantage and is the trend of the development of the wind turbine, the double-fed asynchronous has the cost advantage, which is about 30% lower than the former, and is still the mainstream model in the short term, and has strong competitiveness.

The forthcoming "Technical Regulations for Wind Farm Access to Power Systems" proposes technical requirements for new and expanded wind farms connected through lines and voltage systems of 110 kV and above, and improves active power control and reactive power of wind farms. Technical terms such as power/voltage control, active power prediction, wind farm test, and secondary part of wind farm, and added content that meets the requirements of low voltage ride through capability of wind farms.

However, most wind turbines currently in operation do not have low voltage ride-through capability and require technical modifications. Among them, the cost of the double-fed motor transformation needs to be as high as 500,000 yuan, and the direct-drive permanent magnet motor is simpler and the transformation cost is small. For wind power companies that are already difficult, the funds are even more stretched. The advantages of permanent magnet motors are further highlighted in this, and the development of direct-drive permanent magnet wind power will also be expanded. The above-mentioned corporate executives told the reporter yesterday. He also revealed that although domestic permanent magnet fan sales were sluggish last year, exports have not been affected.

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