Planetary Gear Motor Suppliers Tells You How To Keep The Voltage Of The DC Geared Motor Stable

- May 17, 2019-

planetary gear motor suppliers tells you how to keep the voltage of the DC geared motor stable

Whether the voltage is stable or not directly affects the use of the equipment, especially for equipment such as DC geared motors that rely on electricity to provide power. How can the voltage used be stable when used?

1. The automatic excitation adjustment device of the generator is used because it has good excitation characteristics and has various adjustment modes such as constant reactive power and constant power factor, which can effectively improve the transient response capability and the stability of the system.

2. Connect a suitable resistor in parallel with the resistance of the DC gear motor. According to the resistance change of the resistive load after heating, obtain the nonlinear resistance characteristic, so that the field resistance line has a large angle of intersection with the initial stage of the excitation characteristic. A significant intersection with the no-load characteristic curve, so that the DC geared motor will have a stable operating point at lower voltages.

3. The benign magnetic conductive material can be placed under the magnetic pole piece to reduce the excitation magnetic field gap, so that the output saturation characteristic can be achieved under the condition of small excitation current, thus ensuring the stability of the output voltage.

It should be said that proper operation has a very important effect on the voltage stability of the DC geared motor. Before it is used, its inspection, detailed processing, and grasp of various parameters and standards are very important.


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