Policy Promotes AC Motor Manufacturing Upgrade

- Oct 30, 2018-

Policy promotes AC motor manufacturing upgrade

China's AC motor manufacturing industry has undergone more than 30 years of reform and opening up, especially in the past 10 years. In the 1980s, the output of China's AC motors has been around 40 million kilowatts. From 1988 to 1997, the cumulative output was about 400 million kilowatts. In 2009, the output of AC motors was 18,710,700 kilowatts. In 2010, the output of China's AC motors reached 2,321,190,000. Kilowatts, an increase of 24.07%.

China's AC motor market is highly competitive. Private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have strong competitive strength and occupy a large market share. With the development of China's AC motor manufacturing industry, a number of large and medium-sized enterprises with strong strength have emerged in the industry, such as Wolong Electric, Xiangdian, Shanghai Electric, Nanyang Explosion, etc. At the same time, many multinational companies have invested in factories in China, such as Swiss ABB, Emerson Electric, Fuji Electric Group, France Corfude Electromechanical Co., etc., make the competition in the AC motor market more intense.

According to the analysis of research institutions, the demand for downstream applications of AC motors such as power, metallurgy and petrochemicals has further increased, and the market demand for AC motors has been moved. It is estimated that by 2015, the sales revenue of China's AC motor manufacturing industry will exceed 80 billion yuan, an obvious increase.

In order to meet the development requirements of the national economy, China has vigorously promoted high-efficiency and energy-saving motors. Energy-efficient motors will become the new darling of national policies and markets, and the development prospects are optimistic. At the same time, according to the requirements of the 12th Five-Year Plan of the motor industry, China will begin to adjust the industrial structure, optimize the industrial technology structure and organizational structure, and accelerate the elimination of backward technologies and processes, thereby improving the overall competitiveness of the industry.


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