Power Motors

- Aug 13, 2020-

When we buy motors, we will find different power motors, and their working efficiency is also different. The power factors are divided into several categories:

Natural power factor and weighted average instantaneous power factor power factor: (1) natural power factor refers to the electrical equipment is not installed the power factor of reactive power compensation equipment, or electricity the power factor of the device itself has natural power factor of the height mainly depends on the load characters of electrical equipment, resistance furnace (incandescent) resistive load power factor is higher, equal to 1, and the power factor of electric welding machine (motor) inductive load is lower, instantaneous power factor is less than 1 (2) : refers to in a moment by the power factor of power factor meter reading instantaneous power factor is the type of electrical equipmentThe size of the load and the voltage of the high and low and moment in change, (3) the weighted average power factor: refers to the power factor of the average value within a certain time period. There are two methods to improve the power factor, one is to improve the natural power factor, the other is to install artificial power factor compensation device is one of the important technology in data communication circuit power factor of the high and low, for electrical equipment utilization, and analyze the problems such as power consumption has very important significance to power factor, refers to any two-terminal network (circuit) has two contacts with the outside world on both ends of the voltage phase difference between U and the current I cosineIn two-terminal network refers to the average power consumption of power, also known as active power, the circuit power consumption in P, not only depends on the size of the V voltage and electric current (I), is also related to the power factor and power factor of the size, depending on the nature of the load in the circuit for a resistive load, the voltage and current of the phase difference of 0, as a result, the power factor of the circuit's largest ();In a pure inductance circuit, the potential difference between voltage and current is /2, and the voltage is the lead current.In a pure capacitor circuit, the phase difference between voltage and current is -(/2), the current leading voltage. In both cases, the power factor is 0. For a circuit with a general load, the power factor is somewhere between 0 and 1


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