Precautions For Using A Magneto

- Oct 27, 2018-

Precautions for using a magneto

1. When the engine is operating at high speed, the ignition switch or button should not be used to extinguish the engine because the primary coil is short-circuited and the magneto cannot stop rotating immediately. The magnetic flux generated by the current in the primary coil demagnetizes the magnetic shaft. In order to protect the magneto, the throttle should be used to reduce the engine speed, the fuel tank switch is turned off to automatically extinguish the engine, or when the speed has been reduced, the ignition switch (or button) is used to extinguish the flame.

2. During use, the external dust, oil and water of the magneto should be removed frequently, and the magneto is fixed on the engine.

3. Clean the breaker contacts regularly, adjust the clearance if necessary, and periodically apply the appropriate lubricant to the cam next to the felt.

4. Check the fixing of the magneto and spark plug wires. Do not allow the wires to be close to the overheated part of the engine. Do not scrub the insulated parts of the wires with gasoline or diesel.

5. After any adjustment and partial disassembly of the magneto, check that the ignition time is correct.

6. It is not allowed to disassemble the parts of the magnetopole frequently. Care must be taken when disassembling the magnetic shaft, not allowing impact and heating. After the magnetic shaft is removed, in order to prevent the magnetic pole from demagnetizing, a short iron block is used to form a magnetic pole.

7. When reinstalling the magneto, pay attention to the relationship between the magnetic shaft, the breaker, and the camshaft. The magnetic shaft is rotated through the neutral position 80-100 in the direction of rotation. (The position angle, this position is equivalent to the magnetic pole of the magnet 2-3mm away from the shoe iron. If it is not correct, although all the coils and parts of the magneto are normal, the magneto may not give spark at all), then the cam should be broken. The electrical contact has just opened. If this is not the case, loosen the contact plate fixing screws to adjust.

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