Product + System Integration's Comprehensive Strength

- Nov 22, 2018-

Product + system integration's comprehensive strength

"If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools." In this embarrassing robot "war", positioning small robots is like the victory of Mitsubishi Electric's automation tactics, but if you want to achieve a full victory, only the tactics are obviously not enough, more importantly, the strength of "weapons", here “Weapons” refers to the robot product itself.

For this, Shen Deshan has a self-confidence that can't be concealed: "I have full confidence in the Chinese market, not only because of the huge potential of its market and the rigid demand for intelligent manufacturing, but also because of the high-end performance, rich functions and stable quality of Mitsubishi Electric's automated robot products. ."

Take the current F-series robot as an example, its speed is faster and the precision is higher. With the intelligent application of visual and force sensor, it can recognize the space and experience the touch, and can complete the handling and assembly work more accurately and efficiently. The direction of humanization is developing. At the same time, the F-series robots have a wide range of robots ranging from 2kg to 20kg to meet the different needs of customers. At present, F series robots have been widely used in automotive parts, electrical, electronics, semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, machining, education and other fields.

At the same time, strong system integration strength is also a major boost for Mitsubishi Electric's automated robotics business in the Chinese market. Shen Deshan further said: "A robot can't finish its work. It needs to be integrated with many automation products to realize its value. Mitsubishi Electric Automation provides PLC, man-machine interface, frequency converter, servo system, industrial robot, CNC Comprehensive industrial automation system manufacturers of products such as systems and industrial networks can integrate various products horizontally. The company's unique iQ-Platform platform can directly connect robot controllers and programmable controllers to manage large amounts of data. The coordination between program control and robot control is improved, and the fine control is realized at a high speed and simplified. At the same time, since the devices are integrated on the same platform, the system cost of the robot application is also reduced. In addition, Mitsubishi is added. The integrated solution of the motor eF@ctory realizes vertical integration and provides system solutions including the overall automation, informationization and energy saving of the factory. These are the advantages of Mitsubishi Electric.

Shen Deshan, who has been responsible for the global business of robots in the "two-sidedness" of the Chinese market, believes that the European and American robot market is relatively mature. Although Japan has once again entered the boom of robot development, it is basically impossible to achieve the growth of the Chinese market. Therefore, China The market will be a competitive high ground for global robot manufacturers.

“But the Chinese market has a very unique feature compared to other countries – two sides.” What is the two sides? Shen Deshan further explained: "The so-called two-sidedness, that is, the robot products that complete a single operation or function on the one hand, such as simple handling, relatively low-end robots can meet the demand; on the other hand, China has a large number of electronic manufacturing, especially It is a mobile phone manufacturing enterprise. These enterprises have very high performance requirements for robots, which presents a high-end application side of the Chinese robot market. High and low, it requires robot companies to fully understand the needs of the market and develop suitable customer needs. The product." And this is also the future direction of Mitsubishi Electric's automated robot business. “We need to better meet the needs of our customers and develop “grounded gas” products suitable for different market needs,” Shen Deshan said.

Shen Deshan believes that the current Chinese customers can already accept the existence of robots, but they are very concerned about the income-output ratio. “Everyone is calculating the cost of the robot, when will it be able to recover the cost. And I want to say that the customer should pay attention to the 'hidden' cost before replacing the robot, These are costs due to the increase in the rate of defective products caused by manual operations, etc. After replacing the robot, these original hidden costs will also disappear."

French historian Raymond? In describing the current era of robotics, Aron said: "The construction of these artificial intelligences, embedding the intelligence previously stored in the human brain into the machine, is an important moment in human history."

There is no doubt that China is entering this moment. Shen Deshan obviously has seen this moment. Back in China, there are still many things he has to do: "To provide cost-effective products according to market demand; now is not the era of 'single-handedly', I have to mine and cultivate a number of system integrators, and then promote Sales of the overall solution... But most importantly, I hope that in the wave of transformation and upgrading in China's manufacturing, Mitsubishi Electric Automation can use its accumulated decades of experience in robotics and FA products to help customers achieve self-worth. The promotion has contributed a small amount to the realization of China's 2025 grand goal. This will be what I most want to see."

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