Promote The Rapid Development Of The Motor Electronics Industry

- Oct 08, 2018-

On October 18th, the Sichuan-based balcony merchants jointly established the economic and trade exchange meeting of the Tianfu New District of the Economic Zone. Ziyang signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association. The two sides will jointly promote the member enterprises of the Association and Ziyang City to carry out a comprehensive economy. Trade cooperation; timely organize forums, seminars, inspections, talks, technical exchanges, talent training and other activities in the field of motor electronics industry to jointly promote the rapid development of the motor electronics industry.

Xie Hong, vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, attended the exchange meeting.

At the economic and trade exchange meeting, Taiwan Tong General Hospital and Ziyang Orthopedic Hospital signed the Sichuan Tong General Hospital construction project, and invested 1 billion yuan to build an international-level general hospital in Ziyang. Taiwan's largest Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese herbal medicines sales supplier Taiwan Chaochun Group and Sichuan Hebang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. signed the TAF certification inspection center project, with a project investment of 150 million yuan, of which Taiwan Chaochun Group invested 130 million yuan. Taiwan Guangcun Food Co., Ltd. and Jianyang City signed a production project for beverage raw materials and other ancillary products with a project investment of 200 million yuan. Taiwan China International Cultural and Creative Exchange Association and Anyue County signed a Taiwan-funded industrial park project.

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