Prospects For New Energy Vehicles Are Promising

- Nov 29, 2018-

Prospects for new energy vehicles are promising

The role of the long-term mechanism of the “double-point” policy for new energy vehicles is gradually emerging. Under this mechanism, China’s new energy vehicle market has entered a new round of growth, with components such as batteries, motors and electronic controls. The market's expansion following the automotive market has also grown further.

Car manufacturers have joined the battery market

In fact, the cost of new energy vehicles is mainly concentrated on the core components, the battery accounts for 40% of the total cost, the electronic control and the motor account for up to 30%, and the battery needs to be replaced periodically, so it is foreseeable that the development of parts and components It is directly linked to the improvement of new energy vehicle technology and the control of cost and even the development of the whole vehicle.

Therefore, major automakers will never miss the development opportunities in the parts market, and they are actively deploying the power battery market.

Just half a month ago, BMW’s power battery factory in China is about to open, so that BMW is about to become the first luxury car manufacturer in China to build a high-voltage battery production line. After the high-voltage battery center is officially put into production, it will provide a power battery system for the new generation BMW 530 LeiPerformance. The project covers an area of 6,480 square meters, with a total investment of about 324 million yuan to produce 33,000 sets of high-voltage battery packs. The batteries are still provided by the Ningde era.

Four months ago, Daimler signed a new framework agreement with BAIC to deepen its cooperation in the joint venture Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. and fulfill the commitment of both parties in the development of electric vehicles. In the new framework agreement, the two parties will jointly invest 5 billion yuan to build a pure electric vehicle production base and power battery factory in Beijing Benz to produce pure electric vehicle products of the Mercedes-Benz brand. On this basis, the local production and research and development of power batteries were carried out at the same time, and domestically produced batteries were used. Finally, in 2020, pure electric vehicles were put into production in Beijing Benz.

Domestic auto companies will naturally not fall into this market opportunity. In May this year, SAIC Group established two joint ventures with Shanghai Automotive Group Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Ningde Times through its wholly-owned subsidiary: Times SAO Power Battery Co., Ltd. and SAIC Era Power Battery System. Limited. In August, BYD announced that it has teamed up with Guoxuan Hi-Tech to lay out three-dimensional cathode materials. In September, Great Wall Motor acquired the equity of Australia's lithium mine, and Beijing Automobile also cooperated with the new energy power battery project of Fueng Technology (Beijing) to try to pave the way for new energy...

Recently, Liu Weidong, member of the Standing Committee and Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, said that in the near future, Dongfeng Motor held a shareholding in the Ningde era, and plans to build a new battery company, and the part that matches the whole vehicle must do it by itself.

The news of internationally renowned automobile brands investing in China is also endless. GM officially announced that it will invest 1.72 billion yuan in the future to build a lithium battery assembly plant in Shanghai Jinqiao. By 2025, nearly all models in the Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac brands will use different degrees of electrification technology, ranging from light hybrids to pure electric complete solutions.

The news that Volkswagen will build a power battery factory in China is from the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year. So far, the Volkswagen official has not announced specific plans and cooperation targets.

Volkswagen Global CEO Mullen announced that it will invest 50 billion euros in electric vehicle batteries to find and develop long-term strategic partners in China, Europe and North America. There are more than 300 models in Volkswagen today, and all models will have an electric version by 2030.

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