Provide Electric Car Rental + Charging Network Urbanization Operation Service

- Nov 06, 2018-

Provide electric car rental + charging network urbanization operation service

On February 26, Beijing announced that it will build a large-scale new energy vehicle charging pile for the first time. During the year, 1000 public quick-fill piles will be completed. In the future, a charging circle with an average service radius of 5 kilometers will be built in the central city. As a weather vane, the positive attitude of the Beijing government promotes the accelerated introduction of supporting measures in various pilot cities, thereby further boosting the development of the new energy vehicle market.

Hekang Inverter seized the opportunity in this historic revolution in the automotive industry. It has successively established Chang Technology Holdings subsidiaries in Beijing and Wuhan, focusing on electric vehicle leasing (long-term, short-term, time-sharing, corporate customers for individual customers). Customized rental services, etc., as well as charging network urbanization services, provide comprehensive service and product solutions for car owners, depots and business partners.

At present, Wuhan Chang has spent nearly 10 million yuan to establish a city pilot project in Wuhan, and after nearly half a year of actual demonstration operation and testing, formed a complete software and hardware service plan, put hundreds of public charging piles, distributed in Wuhan Major business districts, industrial parks, communities and hotels. The “micro-rental” electric vehicle time-sharing project of Chang Technology has also started simultaneously, providing 25 yuan/hour electric vehicle time-sharing service for urban residents to solve the problem of current travel inconvenience.

In 2016, Wuhan Chang will continue to increase its demonstration efforts in Wuhan, investing in nearly 5,000 public charging piles and launching 2000 electric vehicles. At present, the initial site planning project is underway. In the near future, Wuhan citizens can enjoy convenient time-sharing services for electric vehicles.

Stimulated by a series of favorable factors in the country, the new energy market is gradually heating up and accelerating. Faced with the trend of market recovery, customers are increasingly demanding quality, cost, timeliness and service. Hekang frequency conversion will closely follow the market demand, strengthen product R&D investment, quality control and marketing services, and help the new energy automobile industry develop towards integration, intelligence and vehicle networking technology.

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