Re-input Two Nuclear Motors, China's Commercial Nuclear Power Units Up To 16

- Nov 02, 2018-

Re-input two nuclear motors, China's commercial nuclear power units up to 16

From the two major nuclear power bases of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Co., the news came: the No. 1 unit of Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Station and Unit 3 of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant completed all the commissioning work in recent days, and they have commercial operation conditions and started to count the on-grid electricity. Subsequently, Fangchenggang Nuclear Power and Yangjiang Nuclear Power will also handle power business licenses and other documents in accordance with relevant requirements. After the relevant procedures are completed, the above-mentioned time for commercial operation conditions will be recognized as the time when the unit is put into commercial operation.

As the first nuclear power plant in western China, the Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant plans to build six million kilowatt-scale PWR nuclear power units. In the first phase of the project, two sets of PWR nuclear power units with a single unit capacity of 1.08 million kilowatts and two units of the second phase of the project will be used as the Hualong No. 1 (HPR1000) demonstration unit with independent intellectual property rights in China, with an installed capacity of 1.18 million kilowatts. Hualong No. 1 technology. At present, Unit 2 of Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant has made good progress, and Unit 3 has officially started construction on December 24, 2015. As the reference power station of China Guangdong Nuclear Power's nuclear power project, the construction of the second phase of Fangchenggang Nuclear Power will lay a key foundation for China's nuclear power “going out”, and Hualong No.1 is the main brand of China's nuclear power “going out”, Fangchenggang is also expected to become China. To explore the "bridgehead" of the international nuclear power market.

On November 12, 2008, the State Council approved the Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant to build six nuclear power units using its own brand of China's improved million kilowatt-scale pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology. Units 1 and 2 entered the commercial operation phase on March 25, 2014 and June 5, 2015 respectively. The current operating status is good and the safety quality is stable and controllable. Unit 3 officially started construction in November 2010 and has commercial operation conditions on January 1, 2016. In addition, the safety and quality of the other three units were in good condition, the construction of the project, the handover and production, and the overall industrial safety were stable, and all the indicators were under control.

With the above two units officially equipped with commercial conditions, CGNPC has 16 nuclear power generating units with an installed capacity of 17.084 million kilowatts, maintaining its position as the largest nuclear power operator in China.

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