Remote Consultation Opens The 3.0 Era

- Nov 19, 2018-

Remote consultation opens the 3.0 era

Such a huge thing like power generation equipment, through remote consultation, accurately find "lesion" and timely and accurate treatment, which is still a rare "fantastic thing" in equipment manufacturing enterprises, Harbin Electric Group Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (below) Referred to as Harmony, it has turned this "fantastic thing" into reality, successfully developed and used the remote monitoring and diagnosis system of the power station, and opened the era of remote diagnosis 3.0.

At this point, under the support of technological innovation and business model innovation, Harbin Electric has completed the transformation from manufacturing to intellectual creation and creation step by step, and entered the field of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent services.

Intelligent development takes the first step

In the remote diagnosis hall of Harbin Electric Machinery, the scientific research personnel carefully monitored each group of data signals sent back from the Three Gorges, Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba Hydropower Stations. By analyzing the data, they remotely monitored and diagnosed the health of these power station equipment and ensured the unit operation. The stability of the dimensional system.

In the past, if the unit had problems affecting operation, the technicians responsible for “diagnosis” and “treatment” were not at the power station site, and most of them were using vehicles to go to the power station, and the problem could not be solved quickly and promptly. Now, the establishment of the remote diagnosis system platform for power generation equipment has become an important channel for Harbin's real-time monitoring and evaluation of the unit's operating status, as well as remote diagnosis and handling of sudden problems in power stations. The platform is designed, manufactured, installed, and supported. The expert team of debugging and processing has greatly improved the time, cost and labor cost while improving the accuracy of diagnosis, treatment, maintenance and maintenance.

"This is an important step for Harbin Electric to take advantage of information technology, green, and service to transform traditional superior industries." Li Zheng, assistant general manager of Harbin Electric Machinery and deputy director of Harbin Institute of Electrical Engineering, said.

Nowadays, Harbin Electric has entered the 3.0 version of research and exploration on the "remote consultation" of power station equipment. The 1.0 version of the research began during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. Harbin Electric undertook the national plan “The Life Cycle Service Support System for Power Generation Equipment Based on Internet of Things Technology” and successfully developed services for the Three Gorges, Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba Power Stations. The remote state monitoring and fault diagnosis system V1.0 of power generation equipment, and the establishment of a remote fault diagnosis hall, equipped with corresponding electronic and electrical equipment, must be fully equipped with hardware for technical development.

Intelligent technology development needs to go one step, two steps, and three steps. The key is to run, the front foot has not landed, and the back foot has left the ground. Using 65 years of experience and detailed information from more than 1,400 large-scale hydro-thermal power units accumulated from the main power generation equipment, Harbin Electric's R&D technical team applied big data and intelligent technology to launch a more sensitive and accurate V2.0 based on V1.0. . Now, the remote fault diagnosis system V3.0 of Harbin Electric's layout will cover the whole life process of the unit from the performance test, design and manufacture, installation and commissioning to operation management, maintenance support, transformation and upgrading, and boost the operation and maintenance mode and spare parts of power generation equipment. The Fed’s social transformation.

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