Replace The Manual With A CNC Machine.

- Nov 07, 2018-

Replace the manual with a CNC machine.

Learning German companies' refined production, improving quality and brand value-added "The acquisition of Schneider is to use their brand advantage to open the international market faster, and on the other hand, to absorb the management experience of German companies. Science and technology and advanced equipment."

The seriousness and rigor of the Germans have created many world-renowned high-precision machine tools. In addition to advanced technology, Zhai Ronghua wants to learn, as well as the rigorous management level of German companies. “The plant in Schneier can be said to be fully automatic, even the curtains are automatically managed.” Rong Ronghua said that their workshops are very clean, each small part has a fixed position, and the production tools are placed. Very neat, very particular about the details. "For example, some of the screws on our side are tightened with a wrench, but they are turning the small part of the screw into data. They use torque wrenches to accurately control the force and ensure the thread fastening. And it won't break the thread due to excessive torque."

Zhai Ronghua said that the German company will undertake functions such as after-sales service center, machine tool design, technology research and development, European high-end product procurement and European sales platform. After the merger and acquisition, the German brand and domestic Beiping machine tool brand will operate in parallel. “We have sent employees to participate in management and production in the past. Now many R&D and design of machine tools are carried out in German companies. We also bring advanced manufacturing and assembly technology and refined management methods back to the Wenling factory.”

In the Peiping machine tool, the reporter saw the worker holding a torque wrench in the screw. “First set a required upper torque limit. When the applied torque reaches the set value, the wrench will make a 'click' sound, which means it has been tightened.” The worker told the reporter that this is more than before. Convenient, don't worry about tightening too tight or too loose.

Zhai Ronghua said that after the acquisition of the German company, the brand of Beiping Machine Tool will be further upgraded. Although the refined production increases the production cost, the quality of the brand and the added value of the brand will make the product more valuable in the market. When other locally produced machine tools can only sell tens of thousands or 100,000 yuan, Beiping Machine Tool has positioned the price of the product at the level of one million yuan.

Imported equipment inspection products from Germany.

Brand power

If you open the column: "The same machine tool, if it is produced by a well-known enterprise, the ex-factory price is high; and if it is produced by some unknown small factories, the ex-factory price may be only half of the well-known enterprises, which is the effect brought by the brand. "This is a statement about the brand of a machine tool company in Wenling. How big is the power of the brand? The increase in price is only one of them. The louder the brand brings the bigger the market, the higher the added value, the better the partner... So in recent years, the creation of the brand has almost become the consensus of many companies in Wenling.

So, how do these companies polish their brands, and what changes have these brands brought to the company? From now on, let's walk into these "brand" companies and see how they do it and hear what they say.

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