Resolving The Overcapacity Of Power Generation Equipment, It Is Necessary To Guide The Transfer Of Surplus Industries

- Oct 19, 2018-

China's power generation equipment field is experiencing the test of "ice and fire." On the one hand, China's power generation equipment has been narrowing its gap with developed countries in terms of technical level and total volume, and even achieved leapfrogging. On the other hand, some power generation equipment such as thermal power, wind power, nuclear power and other equipment have experienced excessive production saturation. As the domestic market develops gradually slowing down, “going out” to open up the international market may become the only way to resolve excess capacity.

"In some industries in China, there has been overcapacity. The current production capacity of power generation equipment has been seriously over-supplied. Some of the production capacity may be difficult to digest after we finally complete industrialization." The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently held the "China Development Forum 2014". It is said that the combination of overcapacity, promotion of mergers and acquisitions, and optimization of corporate organizational structure will combine overcapacity and encourage enterprises to go global, simplify the system of mergers and acquisitions, and support domestic enterprises close to the market and close to resources. Regional investment and construction of factories will guide the overcapacity industries to move outwards in an orderly manner.

Part of power generation equipment capacity utilization decreased

"The 10 years between 2000 and 2010 is the golden decade of China's power industry. The annual growth rate of the power industry has remained at around 12%. From 2012, the growth rate has entered a downward channel. It should be said that China's power equipment industry has entered During the medium-speed growth period, it may enter a period of low-speed growth in the next few years. Some enterprises that are not competitive will face deep integration, mergers and acquisitions or bankruptcy and bankruptcy are inevitable.” Yang Hengkun, Chairman of Dongfang Electronics Group Co., Ltd. accepted China Power News "The reporter said in an interview.

According to the data of China Electromechanical Industry, in 2012, the utilization rate of China's thermal power equipment industry, hydropower equipment industry and nuclear power equipment was 70%~75%. The utilization rate of photovoltaic capacity is only 60%, and the utilization rate of wind power capacity is less than 70%. The capacity utilization rate of the transformer industry is only about 50%. The total capacity of the three power station boiler plants is 90 million kilowatts, but the actual output is only 50 million kilowatts, the capacity utilization rate is only 55.56%, and the overcapacity is serious. The annual production capacity of nuclear power equipment in China is around 12 sets, but only 3 sets are approved each year, and the capacity utilization is seriously insufficient.

“Since the rapid development of China's power industry for many years, the development speed has gradually returned to rationality, and the international market demand has also been greatly reduced under the global financial crisis. With the continuous development of new technologies, domestic traditional products are obviously unable to meet the power demand in the new situation. "Yang Hengkun told the reporter of China Electric Power News."

Due to overcapacity, the vicious competition in the market is very serious. The profits of power equipment manufacturers have fallen sharply. The prices of power generation equipment products have been falling. Compared with 2008, the price of boilers for one million units has dropped by about 340 million yuan. The price of steam turbines for power stations has been reduced by about 120 million yuan, and the price of generators for one million units has been reduced by about 20 million yuan. The price of wind turbines has dropped from 6,500 yuan/kW in 2008 to 5,400 yuan/kW in 2009, and then fell below 4,000 yuan/kW in 2010. Today, the price of wind turbines has dropped to around 3,750 yuan / kW.

Resolving overcapacity needs to form synergy

“One of the reasons for the overcapacity is that the government has too much intervention in the micro-economy. In particular, some local governments are aiming at pursuing high-speed growth of economic and fiscal revenues, and attracting investment through low land prices or even zero land price supply, tax breaks, and financial subsidies. Inviting capital has distorted market signals and affected the normal investment decisions of enterprises. The above-mentioned person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that the resolution of overcapacity and deepening reform will be combined with the transformation of government functions, and the administrative examination and approval matters will be greatly reduced and decentralized, and government investment in enterprises will be reduced. Administrative intervention in activities.

According to the seed general of the TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd., under the current complicated and ever-changing world economic situation, many enterprises are facing the overcapacity, the vicious competition in the industry, the increase in the cost of production materials and the labor costs. A series of operational difficulties and risks caused by factors such as inflation have prompted enterprises to carry out transformation and upgrading, and bear the brunt of market-oriented promotion of high-end products.

In addition, with the slowdown of domestic and international economic growth, China's electrical industry will face a reshuffle. The competent government departments of our country should actively promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and digest a batch of excess capacity through mergers and acquisitions. Encourage enterprises to develop overseas and transfer a batch of production capacity. We will make great efforts to eliminate backward production capacity by using market mechanisms.

"To solve the problem of overcapacity, we must create a market environment conducive to the survival of the fittest and fair competition, so that the market mechanism can really play a role. Perfecting the market mechanism is the only way to cure the 'institutional' overcapacity. We must adjust the industrial policy orientation and eliminate the policy investment for enterprises. Improper incentives, and the establishment of overcapacity industrial assistance exit and auxiliary adjustment mechanism should be established," said Cai Weici, vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation.

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