Rotation Of Cheap 24v Dc Motor

- Jun 18, 2019-

Rotation of cheap 24v dc motor

The rotation direction of the 24V DC motor can be achieved by using the gear reducer to obtain any fixed speed. It can also achieve the stepless speed regulation through the electronic governor. Its main common sense is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The direction of rotation of the 24V DC motor is determined according to what is standing. Facing the inlet, when looking at the right side of the inlet, it should be clockwise.

2. The distance between the hammer head and the sieve is not fixed. It can be adjusted by the thickness of the root discharge. The larger the distance, the thicker the discharge, and the thinner the output.

3. The rotation direction of different types of 24V DC motors is slightly different. For example, the rotation direction of the 24V DC motor is to stand at the feeding port and turn from top to bottom. The direction of rotation of the counterattack is that the direction of rotation of the hammer is toward the counterattack.

When selecting a 24V DC motor, the user often cannot meet the needs because the speed of the single 24V DC motor is too high or the torque is too small. Therefore, if we can improve the rotation of the 24V DC motor, we can make up for this. One drawback.


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