Schneider Electric Promotes The Development Of Five Major Areas

- Oct 24, 2018-

Schneider Electric, an energy management expert, upholds its commitment to the Taiwan market, assists Taiwan's industry to upgrade its intelligence, and responds to the challenges of Taiwan's isolated island energy. It has recently launched a new energy management solution and smart living space application display center, and Taiwan. The new president of Schneider Electric, Qiao Yucai, announced that the Kaohsiung office will be officially opened on December 28th, injecting long-term development energy into Taiwan, demonstrating the determination to expand investment in Taiwan and to build a fundamental market.

Chaucer said: "The use of one kilowatt of energy in a building requires three kilowatts of energy to produce. However, the earth's energy is limited, while Taiwan's energy depends on imports. Smarter management of energy is an urgent task. Schneider Electric has long been committed to innovation. Research and technology development, currently has accumulated rich results and practical experience in the fields of renewable energy, smart grid, smart green building, smart transportation, etc. We hope that in the future, we will be closer to the Taiwan market in terms of breadth, depth and space. Customers realize energy-saving smart companies and help Taiwan achieve green islands."

Schneider Electric of Taiwan re-planned the Taipei office to create a display area of its most advanced energy management technology and innovative applications, including EcoStruxure's comprehensive energy management architecture, data center solutions and smart living space, with a view to bringing the complete and realistic display closer. The distance between the customer and Schneider Electric further promotes the application and promotion in the Taiwan market.

Schneider Electric has been in the Taiwan market for more than 20 years since 1986. It has been helping the local market for a long time and is committed to providing comprehensive and complete solutions for different industries to assist in industrial upgrading. Chaucer took office in June this year and will lead Taiwan's Schneider Electric to provide customers with the most complete solutions in the fields of energy and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residential, and assist Taiwanese companies to practice "utilizing their effectiveness. Enjoy the goal of being able to. Schneider Electric's intelligent solutions in five areas include:

1. Energy and Infrastructure (EnergyInfrustructure): Provide comprehensive power energy management solutions for various infrastructures to achieve more efficient, safe and reliable energy distribution and management, and public power facilities to achieve energy saving targets of up to 30%.

2.Industry: Provides automation solutions for customers in different industries to optimize design, operation, energy and maintenance costs, ensure efficient process and equipment performance, and thus improve industrial efficiency and meet world safety standards.

3. Data Centers and Networks (DataCentersNetworks): Schneider APC's award-winning InfraStruxureTM architecture designed for data centers optimizes data center power and cooling usage in a modular, scalable manner, reducing over-provisioning The resulting energy is wasted and provides a complete maintenance service with peace of mind.

4. Buildings: Integrate systems by providing equipment such as power distribution, building control, personal security, lighting control, and real-time monitoring of power consumption, improving enterprise user comfort and productivity, and effectively reducing energy consumption per ping. , cut 30% of energy costs.

5. Residential: Using switch panel sockets, smart home, intelligent lighting control and integrated wiring system, to achieve energy-saving and energy-efficient home smart energy management for end users, to enjoy a highly integrated living space of aesthetics, comfort and wisdom.

Committed to responding to the Taiwan government's four emerging smart industry promotion plans and the policy goal of establishing a low-carbon island, Schneider Electric's advantages in energy technology will be able to meet the needs of more local markets and help Taiwan to create smarter and sustainable. A society that operates to achieve the vision of a green island in Taiwan.

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