Second-hand Motor Market Hidden Dangers Need To Be Regulated

- Nov 06, 2018-

Second-hand motor market hidden dangers need to be regulated

1. Second-hand market motor products are generally lower than national standards.

It is understood that the supervision of the quality, performance and efficiency of the motor in the second-hand market in China is in a vacuum zone. In 2013, the small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motors recovered in the second-hand motor market in China were mainly based on the motor-level GB18613-2012 three-level energy efficiency level, accounting for more than 90%; the remaining 10% of the motors reached the national three-level energy efficiency level. Entered the used motor market after the company closed down. Many of the used motors that flow to the motor market have not been efficiently remanufactured, and only the packaging has been refurbished with very low efficiency.

According to Article 40 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Circular Economy Promotion, the state supports enterprises to carry out remanufacturing and tire retreading of motor vehicle parts, engineering machinery, machine tools and other products. The quality of remanufactured and refurbished products sold must conform to nationally stipulated standards and be identified as remanufactured or refurbished products in significant locations. Article 50 stipulates that the production or sale of products and equipment listed in the elimination list shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China. If the technologies, processes, equipment and materials listed in the elimination list are used, the comprehensive management department of the circular economy development of the local people's government at or above the county level shall order it to stop using, confiscate the illegally used equipment and materials, and impose a fine of more than 50,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan. If the circumstances are serious, the comprehensive management department of the circular economy development of the people's government at or above the county level shall submit an opinion and report to the people's government at the same level for order to suspend business or close it in accordance with the authority stipulated by the State Council. It now appears that in these private markets, inefficient motor elimination and efficient remanufacturing cannot be effectively implemented. Motors that are below the national standard minimum energy efficiency limit are in the market through the used motor system and do not comply with Chinese law.

2. Environmental laws cannot be implemented

In the process of dismantling second-hand motors, various exhaust gases, waste oils, wastes, and dismantling processes and methods due to irregular operation may cause secondary pollution to the environment. Article 6 of the Environmental Protection Law stipulates that enterprises, institutions and other production and business operators shall prevent and reduce environmental pollution and ecological damage, and bear responsibility for the damage caused. At present, in the private dismantling center, environmental responsibility is obviously not implemented.

3. Lack of supervision

At present, there is no unified supervision department for second-hand electric motors in the country, which is supervised and managed by local quality supervision bureaus, mainly to supervise problems such as false and real refurbished machines. According to the respondents, the Quality Supervision Bureau does not have any professionals responsible for the motor business. Law enforcement personnel know very little about the motor industry, so the supervision effect is not satisfactory.

Conclusion: Remanufacturing does not mean refurbishment, nor is it second-hand goods. According to the explanation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, remanufactured products refer to products that use advanced remanufacturing technology and processes to repair and transform waste industrial products with performance and quality that meet or exceed the prototype new products. After the refurbishment of the second-hand market, the motor was re-introduced into the market, disrupting market order. In order to promote the elimination of inefficient motor in China's industrial sector and promote the healthy development of the motor efficient remanufacturing industry, the Chinese government urgently needs to standardize the management of the used motor market, build a standardized waste motor recycling system, and cultivate large-scale motor efficient remanufacturing demonstration projects. Focus on improving the level of remanufacturing technology and strengthening the quality control of remanufactured products.

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