Sensors Make The Industry Smarter

- Nov 11, 2018-

Sensors make the industry smarter

As the foundation of all things interconnection, sensors are an important tool for machine integration, which is widely used in many fields such as industrial manufacturing, smart cars, communication consumer electronics, and Internet of Things.

The huge business opportunities in the Henan market have attracted a large number of high-quality enterprises to settle in the Zhengzhou Industry Fair. Among them, Changchun Rongde Optics is the largest manufacturer of encoders and couplings with the largest technology, the most complete varieties and the most cost-effective in China. In order to achieve high-efficiency encoder production, Rongde has successfully developed two fully automated assembly lines, which fill the gap in the domestic encoder industry. The core materials of all products of Shenzhen Millang Technology Co., Ltd. are imported from abroad. The product design concept is based on the strength of foreign brands and the technical level is in the leading position in the industry. Provide customers with one-stop solutions for products and services in the field of measurement and control such as displacement, level and angle. Zhengzhou Anci Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known service trader in the field of industrial automation equipment in China. It specializes in the import trade of various medium and high-end industrial automation products. The company is mainly engaged in high-precision sensor products, safety light curtains and various automation products from Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany and other countries and regions. At the same time, the company has cooperated closely with well-known equipment manufacturers in China and can develop according to the specific needs of customers. The new products can provide comprehensive personalized services in the form of ODM or OEM, and vigorously promote the pace of China's industrial automation.

The rise of motors and their drive and control systems is more energy efficient, greener and more efficient

With the gradual improvement of position and speed accuracy requirements of various industries, traditional motors have been unable to meet the requirements of productivity, so higher precision stepper motors and closed-loop AC servo motor systems have emerged. And with the rapid development of China's industrial equipment technology, domestic servo motor manufacturers have risen rapidly. There are more than ten outstanding enterprises in this exhibition. They are the leader of the domestic direct drive motor - Shenzhen Dazu Motor Co., Ltd. The company's products extend from the most basic motor parts to the industrial robot body and system integration. At the same time, the market for motors and other products has a stable market share. At present, it is gradually establishing itself in the field of industrial robots; in recent years, Shenzhen Jiemeikang Electromechanical Co., Ltd., which has quickly seized the market by virtue of its unique technological advantages; the rising star, has just entered the Central Plains of Guangdong. Rice Motor Co., Ltd.; Taizhou Baigra Motor Co., Ltd., which has occupied a place in the central market by virtue of price and service advantages, and so on.

CNC machine

In the field of servo motor drive, various companies are also leading the way. Qingneng Dechuang Electric Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., with its newly developed two servo drive systems CoolDriveA8 series and CDR series, was born, unmatched, quickly set off a Qing family wind in the north and south of the river; in the traditional motor drive In terms of the special or general-purpose inverters of various manufacturers, it is not to be outdone. Shandong Electric Drive Engineering Technology Research Center relies on the unit, Weifang Saipu Electric, which has been immersed in the coal industry for many years, the product performance is stable and reliable, and the energy saving effect is remarkable, which has won praises from users. Moreover, there are local inverter manufacturers in Henan Province - Kaifeng III. Xin Electronics Technology; Shenzhen Deruis Electric Co., Ltd. featuring industrial equipment-specific inverters; deep-growing market, Zhejiang Jiale Keyi, which has a high market share in southwestern Henan. Many high-tech enterprises will provide more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly motor drive and control products to users in the central region through the platform of Zhengzhou Industry Fair for the benefit of the Central Plains.

Fluid automation helps you achieve industrial automation

Hydraulic and pneumatic power components act as a source of power to the system and are an essential component of the system. The hydraulic and pneumatic sealing industry adheres to technological advancement, accelerates the development of new products, and achieves good results. The Zhengzhou Industry Fair gathers a group of hydraulic high-tech products with unique characteristics.

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