Servo Motor Coupling Enterprise Market Winning Trilogy

- Oct 18, 2018-

There is an evolutionary process in stabilizing the market. From the development of new products to new markets, to the formation of stable markets, it is roughly necessary to go through three stages. Servo motor coupling companies need to grasp these three stages in order to better win the market.

First: form a product group

1. Revolve around the main brands that have achieved breakthroughs in single products, extend new products, and share the pressure generated by the excessive proportion of leading products. A single product is vulnerable to competing products, and it is impossible to take effective strategies to counterattack when attacked. If the attack on the competing products is ignored, the market will be affected; if it is counterattack, the profit margin will fall. Once the product group is formed, you can use the product group to make strategic counterattacks. For example, use one product to compete with competing products, while other products are profitable.

2, the new products to enter the market by means of 'high opening and low walking'. Remember, according to the requirements of most salesmen and dealers (higher quality, better packaging, lower prices, better policy), new product promotion will be undoubted. In order to extend the life cycle of new products, we must leave enough retreat - price space for ourselves. Therefore, when new products enter the market, the price is higher.

3, through the 'product group' to form 'well-known brands' rather than 'well-known varieties'. The excessive strength of a single product will lead to the phenomenon of 'brand is the variety', which is an obstacle to the promotion of new products. Many varieties under a brand umbrella can not only enjoy the protection of the brand umbrella, but also provide consumers with a choice of space - if you are not satisfied with this variety, you can choose other varieties.

4, 'product group' can also make competing products difficult to have targeted policies. Competing products generally do not attack all product lines, and they usually choose the most sold or threatened variety to attack. If the product is single and all attack power is concentrated on one product, this product may become a victim. Under the 'product group', the sacrifice of any product will not be defeated.

Second: the formation of product structure

The product group 'is generally only an extension of the same grade, and the 'product structure' is an extension of the grade. Although many companies have succeeded in sticking to a single product category, especially for high-end products such as high-end clothing, this strategy may be effective. However, in the field of mass consumer goods, the product structure of a single grade is still a problem.

1, there is a structure to have a strategy. Servo motor coupling companies must frequently strategically combine products to meet the needs of consumers at different levels. Low-end products can be on the market, but their profitability is limited. Its role is: first, open up the network and form market coverage; second, form brand influence, because there are many consumers of low-end products; third, share sales expenses; Form a scale effect; the fifth is to raise people. Mid-range products have both sales volume and profit, and their role is to form a stable cash flow and stable profits. The sales of high-end products are limited, but the profit margin is high, which can form a corporate image.

2. The market for a single product or product group is unstable. The outcome of a single product competition: either lose money or exit the market.

3. The key to winning a price war (policy war) is an effective product structure. In the Chinese market, the price war of low-end products is inevitable, which is determined by the characteristics of consumers' needs and the characteristics of market competition--unless the competition for low-end products is withdrawn. Enterprises must not avoid the price, they must take the initiative to launch a price war or meet the price war. At the same time, we must use the price war to defeat the opponent and make money in the price war. The only way to achieve this goal at the same time is to use the profit of mid- to high-end products to support low-end products to fight price wars.

Finally: single product breakthrough

Generally speaking, in the early stage of market development, servo motor coupling enterprises and enterprise businesses were unable to simultaneously promote the simultaneous promotion of multiple products. Therefore, they had to rely on the impulse of a single product to form a good start in the market. A single product breakthrough needs to do the following work:

First, choose a mass product that can be used. The purpose of single product breakthrough is to form a sales network. Only a product with a high quantity can form a perfect sales network. Second, it can form a brand awareness. Only products with a certain amount can have brand influence.

Second, explosive distribution has formed market coverage. Explosive distribution requires fast speed, large volume of goods, and high market coverage. Explosive distribution can achieve the following effects: First, make the competing products unprepared, and quickly complete the distribution before the competing policies are issued; second, the rapid distribution of the terminal will form an momentum, giving confidence to the second batch, terminal, and consumers.

Third, the second batch of stable high-profit inducement. For the two batches of the dominant market, especially in the townships below the township, the second batch played a crucial role. The only driving force for the second batch of unsold new products is profit margin. If the new product does not provide more profit margin than other products, it will not pass the second batch, and the product will not reach the terminal, and it will lose the meeting with the consumers. opportunity.

Fourth, the terminal is a strong shopping guide. Old products and well-known products can 'sell themselves', and consumers often buy habitually. How can new products that consumers are not familiar with can be sold? It is mainly based on the strong recommendation of the terminal. If the staff of the retail terminal does not recommend it, the manufacturer or dealer will send someone to the terminal to conduct the shopping guide.

Fifth, regional markets (such as county-level markets) are driven by short-term, high-density advertising. The common strategy of the second and third-stream brands is to form a strong brand in a regional market and give the regional market consumers a first-class brand image. Since the advertising costs of regional markets (such as county-level markets) are extremely low, advertising costs of tens of thousands of yuan can start a market. Therefore, at the same time of distributing goods, high-density advertising is required, and 'pushing' pulls Start the market.

Sixth, launch a strong promotion campaign of no less than three waves in half a year. Don't hope that a large-scale promotion will start the market. Many new markets are lost at start-up due to insufficient thrust. Therefore, the strong promotion of three consecutive waves is very necessary.

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