Shaking Head Fan Motor

- Mar 25, 2020-

Innovation and pursuit of high quality to show the first glory of global market share


TEAMWORK GLOBAL GROUP LIMITED has been continuously focusing on the core technology of motor and the invention and innovation of micro fan for decades, providing 17mm ~ 120mm series DC fan & blower, and creating the most efficient cooling solution. TEAMWORK GLOBAL GROUP LIMITED successfully launched "maglev motor fan" in 1999. With its excellent performance, Sunon has created a motor fan product with more flexible size, more power saving, quieter and longer service life. This series of products comply with ROHS standard, and pass the certification of quality management system, and also obtain UL, TUV, VDE And so on. According to the Research Report of global small motor market of Fuji economy in 2009, the market share of DC fan is the highest in the world, maintaining the leading position in the industry.


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