Shanghai Electric Super High-speed Explosion-proof Frequency Conversion Motor Passed The Appraisal

- Oct 24, 2018-

Shanghai Electric super high-speed explosion-proof frequency conversion motor passed the appraisal

China Compressor Network learned from Shanghai Electric Group Shanghai Motor Factory that the first 20MW ultra-high-speed explosion-proof variable frequency speed control motor for the first domestic West-East Gas Transmission Station has passed the appraisal of relevant national departments, marking the development of this ultra-high-speed explosion-proof motor. Achieved a complete success. It is reported that the motor uses WISCO high-grade non-oriented silicon steel.

Due to the length of thousands of kilometers, the West-East Gas Pipeline Project requires air compressor stations to continuously pressurize the pipe network. The special motor for the West-East Gas Transmission Air Compressor Station has special requirements. The rotational speed is more than 50% higher than that of the conventional motor, and the linear speed reaches 87 m/s, which is faster than the bullet fired by the rifle, and requires an explosion-proof function. The special motor for the West-East Gas Transmission Air Station has always relied on imports.

Previously, the largest 700MW large-scale hydroelectric generator in China was put into operation in May this year. For the first time, WISCO silicon steel sheets were used to break the long-term monopoly of high-end non-oriented silicon steel in China. In addition, recently, WISCO Silicon Steel Business Unit successfully delivered more than 300 tons of thin gauge high-grade non-oriented silicon steel with a width of 1208 mm to a famous air-conditioning production enterprise in South China, which created the production record of the largest wide-width silicon steel sheet of WISCO, marking WISCO. It has reached the world advanced level in the production capacity of wide-width silicon steel sheets.

At present, WISCO has mastered the production of high-grade non-oriented silicon steel, and has the ability to mass production.

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