Shanghai Electric Will Provide Motor Main Pump For National Nuclear Power Demonstration Power Station

- Oct 10, 2018-

Recently, the signing ceremony for the main pump supply contract of the national major special CAP1400 nuclear power project jointly organized by the National Nuclear Power Engineering Company and Shanghai Electric Group was held in Shanghai. The large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor national major science and technology special CAP1400 demonstration power station is the symbol of the successful realization of the most advanced three-generation nuclear power autonomy in the world. The signing of the main pump supply contract indicates that China's nuclear power major project construction has once again taken out. A substantial step. According to the contract, Shanghai Electric Kasby Nuclear Power Pump & Valve Co., Ltd. will provide four 50 Hz wet winding motor main pumps for the first set of CAP1400 project Shidaowan demonstration power station in China, and deliver the products in 2015.

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