Siemens H-class Gas Turbine Running Time Exceeded 200,000 Hours

- Nov 06, 2018-

Siemens H-class gas turbine running time exceeded 200,000 hours

As of January 2016, Siemens' efficient H-class gas turbines have accumulated more than 200,000 hours of operation in global projects. A total of 19 SGT-8000H series gas turbines are currently in commercial operation and set new standards in terms of efficiency, reliability and availability. To date, Siemens has sold 76 H-Class gas turbines worldwide, making it the most successful gas turbine in this efficiency class on the global market.

Siemens introduced the SGT-8000H gas turbine to the market in 2010, and has since sold 39 units in the 50 Hz market. The largest of these orders comes from Egypt, and a total of 24 H-class gas turbines will be installed in Beni Sueve City, Buzios and three power plants in the new capital. In the 60 Hz market, a total of 37 units were sold. The latest order was in January 2016 from the Mexican National Power Company Empalme Phase II combined cycle power plant. The SGT-8000H gas turbines are produced in Berlin, Germany and Charlotte, USA, and then shipped to project sites around the world.

The first SGT5-8000H gas turbine was put into commercial operation in 2011 at the Eastwood Power Plant near Ingolstadt, Germany. Then in 2013, the SGT6-8000H gas turbine for the 60Hz market was put into operation at the Cape Canaveral Power Plant in Florida and the third phase of the South Korea Tangjin Power Plant. In this cumulative 200,000 hours of operation (or equivalent to approximately 23 years), Siemens has accumulated experience and applied these expertise to the development of Class H gas turbines.

“The SGT-8000H gas turbine has the advantages of high efficiency, short start-up time and fast response to load changes.” TheoMaas, general manager of the Siemens Gas and Gas Group's large gas turbine and generator business unit, said that “the cumulative operating time of more than 200,000 hours fully demonstrates the SGT. The -8000H gas turbine performs well in the daily operation of the plant: the reliability of the gas turbine exceeds 99% and the availability exceeds 96%."

The combined cycle power plant with the SGT-8000H gas turbine achieves an efficiency level of over 60%. The combined cycle power plant in Lauswald, Düsseldorf, Germany, has created three new world records: the plant with the SGT5-8000H gas turbine as a key component achieves a net efficiency of approximately 61.5% with a maximum output of 603.8 trillion. watt. The plant also supplies approximately 300 megawatts of thermal energy to Düsseldorf's district heating system. The installation of Class H gas turbines in such combined heat and power (CHP) plants has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to convert fuel into usable energy. The high fuel efficiency of power plants plays an important role in meeting economic requirements and reducing environmental impact.

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