Siemens Introduces New Servo Motors, Which Will Be A New Breakthrough In The Industry

- Dec 07, 2018-

Siemens introduces new servo motors, which will be a new breakthrough in the industry

Recently, Siemens has jointly developed its newly developed SimoticsS-1FK2 motor and the SinamicsS210 servo drive developed for it to form a new servo drive system, including five power levels, ranging from 50W to 750W.

The Sinamics S210 servo drive integrates a wide range of safety functions for fast engineering and can be connected to the host controller via Profinet, using a web server and one-click optimization to make commissioning easy. Used in conjunction with the Simotics servo motor for high dynamic response motion at low loads and ultra-precise motion at medium to high loads. Only one cable is used between the motor and the servo drive. The new drive system is widely used in packaging machinery, material handling applications, wood and ceramic processing, and digital printing.

The main advantage of the Sinamics S210 servo drive is the highly dynamic control of the motor shaft. From simple positioning to complex motion control, the SimaticS7-1500 control system and the S7-1500T motion control system are connected. The S210 can be debugged using an integrated web server. Through the one-button automatic optimization function, the corresponding dynamic coefficient can be selected according to different mechanical loads, and the system automatically optimizes the control parameters. Integrated safety features include Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Stop 1 (SS1). Both support PROFIsafe and STO can also be enabled via the terminal. Many other features are still under development. With the fast sampling of the SinamicsS210 servo drive, intelligent control algorithms and advanced encoder systems, as well as low rotor inertia and high overload capability, servo motors deliver outstanding dynamic performance and motion accuracy. At the just-concluded 2017 Hannover Messe, Siemens showed motors with center heights of 20, 30 and 40 mm.

The SimoticsS-1FK2 motor is connected to the servo drive with a single cable that contains the power cord, encoder signal cable and brake control cable. The cable diameter is only 9mm and a plug is used. Compared to previous power cables, the cross section is smaller, lighter, and more flexible, greatly simplifying the wiring process. For drag chain applications, a more compact cable is also provided with a bend radius that is half that of a conventional drag chain. The connector plug is 25mm high and is rugged, durable, rotatable and easy to operate. The servo drive is also very easy to route, with a convenient self-locking plug on the front and easy-to-remove push-in terminals.

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