Siemens Provides Propulsion Systems For Saga Cruise Ships To Consolidate The Market Position Of The Ship

- Nov 12, 2018-

Siemens provides propulsion systems for Saga cruise ships to consolidate the market position of the ship

Recently, Siemens announced that it has obtained a contract from a British operator to provide the SHIPPEeSiPOD marine propulsion system for its Saga cruise ship. Through this contract, Siemens will further consolidate its position in the cruise market and lay the foundation for more orders in the future.


With the installation of this system, the Saga cruise ship will become a new cruise ship that is expected to be delivered in the summer of 2019. The cruise ship is 236 meters long and 31.2 meters wide with a total weight of 56,850 tons and can carry up to 999 visitors.

The contract also includes an alternate cruise ship for Saga cruises by 2021. The Saga cruise ship has been in operation for almost 20 years and has now established itself in the UK small boat market.

The main advantage of the SISHIPeSiPOD propulsion system installed on the cruise ship is its compact and hydrodynamics, which improves the overall operating efficiency of the ship through a combination of synchronous motors. With the propulsion system and solutions provided by Siemens, the ship will be provided with a perfectly balanced integrated propulsion system. In addition, the low noise and low-vibration operation of the propeller engine make them closer to the high demands of customers on yachts and passenger cruise ships.

The Executive Vice President of Siemens Ocean said, “I am very pleased that the customer has awarded us this contract and I am very grateful to the customer for trusting Siemens. Through this contract, we will further consolidate our position in the cruise market and lay the foundation for more orders in the future. ."

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