Siemens' World Record Motor Boosts The Extra 330LE Aircraft To Complete Its First Flight

- Nov 09, 2018-

Siemens' world record motor boosts the Extra 330LE aircraft to complete its first flight

Siemens researchers have developed a new type of motor that weighs only 50 kilograms and can deliver about 260 kilowatts of continuous output power, which is about five times the power that other comparable drive systems can provide. The Extra330LE aerobatic aircraft carrying this world-class propulsion system successfully completed its first flight at SchwarzeHeide Airport near Dinslaken, Germany on July 4. The propulsion system powered the aircraft in a virtually noise-free manner and was previously verified on the first flight on June 24, 2016. This development means that a hybrid aircraft with four or more seats is about to fly into the sky.

“This day will change the history of aviation.” FrankAnton, head of the electric aircraft program at Siemens Academia Sinica, said, “This is the first flight of a 250-kilowatt electric aircraft.” The Extra330LE weighs nearly 1,000 kilograms and is the flight test model for the new propulsion system. . As a special-purpose aircraft, the Extra330LE is particularly suitable for extreme testing of related components, providing a basis for improving its design.

In addition, the technology will be incorporated into a joint project between Siemens and Airbus in April 2016 to promote the development of electric aircraft. The electric drive can be flexibly expanded. Based on this record-breaking motor, Siemens and Airbus jointly developed a regional passenger aircraft using a hybrid propulsion system. Anton said: "By 2030, we are expected to see an electric plane with as many as 100 passengers and a range of about 1,000 kilometers flying into the sky."

"The success of the first flight of the aircraft equipped with the Siemens propulsion system is a milestone on the road of aviation electrification," said Siegfried Russwurm, chief technology officer of Siemens AG. “In order to successfully realize the electrification of the aviation system, we need the subversive concept and the courage to take risks. This is why Siemens is developing the aircraft's electric propulsion system as the first project of its newly established independent department 'next47'. Siemens hopes to use the hybrid aircraft propulsion system as one of the future company's businesses.

The German Aeronautical Research Program (LuFo) supports the development of this motor. The Extra330LE aerobatic aircraft was developed by companies such as Siemens, ExtraAircraft, MT-Propeller and Pipistrel (battery).

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