Six Causes Of Oil Leakage From Wholesale Planetary Gear Motor

- May 15, 2019-

Six causes of oil leakage from wholesale planetary gear motor

When the wholesale planetary gear motor is in use, the motor may sometimes leak oil. The usual solution is to remove the DC geared motor to replace the gasket or apply the sealant. If this happens frequently, it will lead to work. No progress, affecting work efficiency. Then let's take a closer look at the six reasons that caused the DC gearbox to leak oil.

1. The quality of the DC geared motor is poor.

2. The sealant of DC gear motor is improperly selected, the direction of the seal is reversed, and the seal oil is not replaced in time.

3. The hole cover of the DC geared motor is too thin, and it is easy to deform after tightening the bolt, so that the joint surface is not flat and oil leakage from the contact gap;

4. There is no oil return tank on the tank, and the lubricating oil accumulates in the shaft seal, the end cover, the joint surface, etc., and leaks from the gap under the pressure difference.

5. During the manufacturing process, the castings are not annealed or aging treated, the internal stress is not eliminated, deformation is inevitable, and gaps are generated, resulting in leakage.

6. Excessive amount of fuel. During the operation of the DC geared motor, the oil pool is stirred a lot. The lubricating oil splashes around the machine and accumulates in the shaft seal and joint surface.


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