Six Methods To Prevent The Rust Of The Small 12v Dc Motor Box

- Jun 20, 2019-

Six methods to prevent the rust of the small 12v dc motor box

Frequent use of the 24V DC motor box is easy to rust for a long time, and the rust of the box may cause the motor to malfunction. For the case of rusting the 24V DC motor box, based on years of experience, six methods for how to prevent the motor box from rusting are summarized:

1. When washing 24V DC motor box, it is not necessary to clean and clean. Washing should adhere to overflow.

2, the best surface adjustment is to use oxalic acid, the use of concentration 1 ~ 2.

3, pickling can also use sulfuric acid, pickling time can not be too long, the best choice is phosphoric acid.

4. After pickling, it is best neutralized with 1~2 sodium carbonate.

5, zinc system phosphating disposal acidity should take the upper limit, impregnation treatment concentration: TA: 35 or more. FA: 1.2AC: 8 (20CC fermentation tube).

6, degreasing must use weak alkaline degreasing, can not contain the alkali component, TAL should be controlled at around 15 POINT, PH can not exceed 13.


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