SKF Bearings Have Been Developed For Use In Motor Energy Efficient Bearings

- Oct 12, 2018-

SKF bearings develop energy-efficient bearings for electric motors Sweden SKF bearing energy efficiency (E2 design) bearing configuration

The leader in the motor market has been working to meet the needs of users who need more energy efficient equipment. SKF bearings introduce converter drives and work with suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials and copper wires and to change the manufacturing process. Every small aspect can help with energy efficiency issues. Therefore, SKF decided to produce a series of energy efficient deep groove ball bearings to meet the needs of many outstanding customers. Compared to standard bearings, this bearing reduces friction by 30% to 50%, provides significant energy savings, and significantly increases bearing life, more than doubling in most cases.

These SKF energy efficient deep groove ball bearings can be used as dust-proof bearings and feature an optimized design balance between internal geometry, grease and cage. A variety of sizes meet the ISO15:1998 standard. SKF bearings Originally, E2 designed bearings with shaft diameters up to 60 mm. This series is suitable for motors up to 37 kW (50HP).


Reduce friction by 30-50%, thus reducing energy consumption

Dimensions are fully compatible with standard bearings

No design changes required

Specific specifications are available from stock

Bearing life is doubled over ISO life

Swedish SKF bearings run smoothly and generate less heat

Compliance with current warranty parameters

typical application:

Electric motor with a power of 37 kW (50HP)

Other light load to medium load equipment with shaft diameters up to 60 mm

SKF bearings are an excellent replacement for motors in use

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