Small And Medium Motor Industry Is Promising

- Nov 23, 2018-

Small and medium motor industry is promising

 “Promoting China's manufacturing to create a transformation to China, China's speed to China's quality, and Chinese products to Chinese brands.” Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important discussions on the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. From this, people can appreciate the new era definition of Chinese manufacturing.

How to promote the transformation of small and medium-sized Chinese manufacturing to Chinese brands? China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Small and Medium Electric Branch actively took advantage of the extensive contacts of industry associations, and took the lead in carrying out evaluation and release of well-known brand products in the industry, effectively enhancing the brand awareness and ability of the industry.

In mid-July, China Industry News reporter interviewed relevant industry leaders in Shanghai. Although they have different understandings of brands, there is a consensus that small and medium-sized motor industry is promising, brand work is extremely important, and quality improvement is a key link. It takes a long time to create a brand.

Wu Yehua: Innovation drives differentiated development

“The small and medium-sized motor industry is facing a series of adjustments after more than ten years of rapid development.” Wu Yehua, chairman of the Small and Medium Electrical Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and president of Shanghai Electric Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., said in an interview. We must adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy and take the path of differentiated development.

Wu Yehua’s above assertion points directly to the current problems in the industry. China Industry News reporter learned from the 8th General Assembly of the Small and Medium Electric Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association that there will be downward pressure on the economic growth of small and medium-sized motor industry in the future. The difficulties faced by exports will increase, and the rising cost of raw materials and labor will lead to a decline in profits. . In particular, the medium and low-end overcapacity and the arduous task of product structure adjustment have become the biggest challenges in the industry.

The motor is a driving device for various equipments such as fans, pumps, compressors, machine tools, conveyor belts, etc. It is widely used in many industries and fields such as metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, coal, building materials, public facilities, etc. More than half of the electricity used. It is not difficult to see that the large and medium-sized motor products have an important position in the industry.

In Wu Yehua's view, in the next stage, the focus of the industry is still “three to one, one reduction and one supplement”. In the major practice of promoting the supply-side structural reform of the industry, it will lead the industry to renew its vitality and vitality, and to adopt new development concepts. Throughout the entire process of industry development. The Quality Development Program (2011~2020) and China Manufacturing 2025 issued by the State Council have all deployed quality and brand work.

Wu Yehua said that strengthening brand building is a strategic choice for cultivating world-class enterprises. The Quality Brand Enhancement Campaign is designed to pass the “well-known brands in the industry”

Product evaluation activities guide enterprises to enhance brand awareness with quality and reputation as the core, enhance brand value-added and soft power; at the same time, create a group of well-known brand products with distinctive characteristics, strong competitiveness and good market reputation, and increase industry Promote the promotion of well-known brand products and establish a good image of well-known brands in the industry. The small and medium-sized motor branch also plans to carry out docking activities with downstream industries to further expand the market space of well-known brand products in the industry.

Jin Weiwei: Well-known brands carry industry hope

For the development of well-known brands in the industry and the creation of well-known brands in the industry, Jin Weiwei, secretary-general of the Small and Medium Motors Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, said: The central leadership has made important instructions on "Quality development is the foundation of the country, the foundation of the industry and the key to transformation". The Fourth Meeting of the Seventh Session of the Small and Medium-sized Motors Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association passed the resolution on product evaluation of “well-known brands”. The evaluation work adheres to the voluntary application of the enterprise, and applies for evaluation once every four years, does not charge the enterprise, and does not increase the burden of the enterprise.

Jin Weiwei believes that the future of well-known brands in the industry carries the hope of transforming and upgrading the motor industry and leading the development of the industry. Cultivating and cultivating a group of Chinese independent brands that are well-known at home and abroad will be able to move towards a new stage of development with a more rational structure, in order to occupy some opportunities in global competition and win development advantages. The club will jointly explore the brand building work under the framework of “Made in China 2025” and “Belt and Road” with industry enterprises, and create stronger brand influence of famous brands through brand promotion and special reports. Through the development of well-known brand building activities in the industry, we will increase the promotion of motor brand with independent intellectual property rights and core market competitiveness, and enhance the right to speak in the industry market.

Jin Weiwei said that the small and medium-sized motor industry is facing the background of China's economic transformation and development. If it cannot adapt to the situation quickly, it will be marginalized by the market. The motor industry is a traditional industry. In the context of “Industry 4.0” and “Internet Plus”, the motor industry landscape is facing reengineering and reshaping in terms of product innovation, technology iteration, communication mode and organizational structure. It is necessary to transform the motor industry with modern science and technology and production and management methods, and promote the industrial chain, supply chain and value chain to achieve significant improvement.

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