Small Brushless Motor Specific Difference!

- Jan 10, 2020-

small brushless motor specific difference!

1, the scope of application: brushless motor: usually used in higher control requirements, high speed equipment, such as aeromodelling, precision instruments and other motor speed control strict, high speed equipment. Brush Motor: Brush Motor is usually used in power equipment, such as hair dryer, factory motor, Home Exhaust Hood, etc. . In addition, the speed of the series motor can reach very high, but because of the wear of the brush, service life is not as good as brushless motor.

2. Service Life: brushless motor: The service life is usually tens of thousands of hours in this order of magnitude, but because of the different bearing brushless motor service life is also very different. Brush Motor: There are usually brush motor continuous working life of hundreds to more than 1,000 hours,


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