Smart Manufacturing Will Change The Future Production Model

- Nov 17, 2018-

Smart manufacturing will change the future production model

Ms. Zhang Wenhua further stated that smart manufacturing is the overall development goal of “Made in China 2025”. Its transformation of the entire automation field is not only technical, but the greater significance is that it can change the production mode of the existing manufacturing industry. The previous B2C model became a demand-oriented business model of C2B, which is far-reaching for the entire industry belt. Intelligentization may be more in line with future developmental descriptions. Automation is only part of intelligence, and intelligent manufacturing covers not only automation, but also a range of intelligent-related areas such as perception, analysis, thinking, judgment, and decision makers. Smart manufacturing brings a broader perspective to automation.

According to this development idea, Fuji Electric's key development market includes related equipment in lithium battery, semiconductor, robot and other industries. Fuji Electric's key goal is to provide customers with motion control system integration solutions to improve the production efficiency of customer equipment. To make a contribution to the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry. In the field of motion control related products, Fuji Electric will release the new small PLCSPF series this year. The high-speed pulse frequency (differential type) of this PLC product can reach more than 900KHz, support high-speed and high-performance computing performance, and provide a wealth of options. It can be flexibly selected according to the application, supports 200KHz, 4-axis servo system, supports international standard IEC61131-3 programming, can better meet the requirements of customers' refined control and high cost performance.


In addition, Fuji Electric will soon introduce the ALPHA5-Smart Ultimate Perfect Servo System (SmartPlus). The new products have a greater improvement in hardware parameters, servo responsiveness and servo functions, and the product continues to be high. The Japanese original spare parts are used in proportion to maintain consistent quality stability. Product features include: wide range of applications, the addition of new self-tuning functions, so that it can be properly adjusted for low rigidity devices, even long belt structure, gears with large backlash or rack / pinion structure can be easily Adjustment; superior stability, even after years of changing machines or devices with different differences (such as the tension of the belt and the rigidity of the related devices, etc.), it can achieve stable operation without oscillation; The new portable servo operator makes operation simpler and more unrestrained; it has a long-life design and meets multiple product certification standards.

It is especially worth mentioning that the ALPHA5-SmartPlus servo system has a standard built-in PTP standard positioning function in the design of the Smart intelligent function, so there is no need to purchase the positioning unit and the positioning special accessory. At the same time, one multi-purpose can pass Modbus- The RTU standard protocol performs positioning operation (immediate value data), and can also perform positioning operation through Di/Do signal (position data 50 points), and can also perform position, speed and torque control operation through pulse train/analog input; Through the Modbus-RTU communication protocol, only the HMI, PLC, PC controller, etc. can be directly connected to the servo amplifier, and PTP positioning operation, parameter editing and various monitoring operations can be performed, which provides customers with greater convenience and more. Good experience.

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