Solving The Problem Of Electricity Consumption In Xisha

- Oct 18, 2018-

The South China Sea islands are mostly small coral islands. High temperature, high humidity, high salt, coupled with lack of electricity and lack of fresh water, have become the biggest limiting factors for the sustainable development of the economic construction of the South China Sea Islands. With the establishment of Sansha City in July 2012, Nanhai has also entered a period of rapid development of development and construction. Weifang diesel engine manufacturer Huaquan Power will pay close attention to you.

“It’s good! With a diesel generator set, you don’t have to worry about using electricity anymore.” Seeing the new building that will be staying, the newly purchased refrigerator, air conditioner, TV, etc. can operate normally, Sansha City, Hainan Province. The residents of Zhaoshu Island could not help but smile.

Zhaoshu Island is a small island in the Qilianyu Island of the Xisha Islands. It covers an area of only 0.22 square kilometers and has 68 households with more than 200 people. According to Wang Chun, secretary of the Qilianyu Working Committee of Sansha City and the director of the management committee in Zhaoshu Island, the residents of the island have made a living by fishing. Now 27 residential buildings with a total construction area of 5,504 square meters are nearing completion. The desalination equipment can provide 100 tons of desalinated water per day. Together with two 150 kilowatt diesel generators, the power generation of the islands will be solved day and night. The problem of using electricity in life. This remote island is gradually becoming a paradise for people. Residents have refrigerators, TVs, and air conditioners; they have built a “five-in-one” integrated office building to provide office and rest places for daily work management, border defense duty, and marine law enforcement personnel. The total investment is 2.52 million yuan, and the road with a total length of 1,606 meters (including 1310 meters around Huandao Road and 296 meters around Huancun Road) has also been completed.... From these projects under construction and construction, we can see Sansha City. The ever-changing and earth-shaking changes.

However, just three years ago, the materials in Zhaoshu Island were still very tense, and the fishermen’s life was tough.

The reporter once boarded the island in May 2012. The most common on the island is a pile of conch shells. Because of the four streams of sewage, the sea sand on the fishermen’s village road is dyed black, and the flies are surrounded by stinking shells. The piles are hovering, and the newly cooked foods often become the target of flies.

Over the past decade or so, the blue big bucket has become the symbol of Xisha: the fishermen of the small islands in Xisha can only rely on fishing boats to supply fresh water, and they are reluctant to be used for bathing. There is no electricity on the island. Once it is dark, the fishermen rarely go out. When the wind and waves are interrupted, they can only live by rain.

“Zhaoshu Island used to have many buckets, many flies, and more garbage. Now there are more taps, more trash cans, and more coconut trees.” Xiaojie, secretary of the Sansha Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said, “With grassroots and grassroots party building, Zhao Shu The island can have a great change today."

Since the establishment of the Qilianyu Working Committee and the Management Committee in July 2014, the infrastructure construction on the island has been rapidly boosted. In less than one year, a 1.6-kilometer round-the-island road was built and a water storage was built along the road. Ditch collects rainwater. On both sides of the road, more than a thousand coconut trees swayed in the sea breeze, and the once extinct birds flew back to Zhaoshu Island.

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