South Korea Joins Wind Turbine International Standard Competition

- Nov 09, 2018-

South Korea joins wind turbine international standard competition

According to South Korean media reports, the National Technical Standards Institute of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Industry of Korea revealed that at the International Standardization Conference on Wind Power in Jeju, the Korean team of experts in production, research and research put forward technical standards for designing floating offshore wind turbines. The relevant person in charge said that Korean companies are competitive in the manufacture of marine equipment for offshore structures. If the proposal of the Korean expert team is formulated as an international standard case, South Korea will take the lead in the global market.

A team of experts from the Korea Energy Technology Evaluation Institute, Ulsan University and Mastek Heavy Industries intends to invest R&D expenses of 16 billion won to develop floating offshore wind turbines by 2019. At present, the three countries of Norway, the United States and Japan are also developing this technology, but have not yet entered the commercialization stage.

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