Speed Adjustment Method Of Wholesale Small 12v Dc Motor

- Aug 21, 2019-

Speed adjustment method of wholesale small 12v dc motor

1, variable armature voltage speed adjustment.

This method has the advantages of large starting moment, good damping effect, fast response speed, good linearity, and more applications.

2, variable flux speed adjustment.

In fact, the size of the excitation magnetic field is changed. For the excitation motor, changing the excitation voltage can be used for variable flux speed regulation. This kind of speed regulation mode has a small speed regulation range, and it will make the mechanical characteristics of the motor soft. Generally, it is only used as an auxiliary method for variable armature voltage speed regulation.

3, string resistance speed adjustment.

This kind of speed adjustment is to keep the input voltage unchanged, and to enter the resistor into the armature loop to speed up. This method causes the mechanical characteristics of the motor to become soft and power consumption increases. Generally, there are not many applications.


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