Standardize The Used Motor Recycling Market To Promote Efficient Motor Remanufacturing

- Nov 06, 2018-

Standardize the used motor recycling market to promote efficient motor remanufacturing

I. China's second-hand motor recycling system and remanufacturing status

1. Distribution of used motor market in China

At present, the used motor market is widely distributed throughout the country, most of which are comprehensive markets. There are 22 major second-hand motor markets, including: Jinzhou Material Dispensing Market, Yangzhou Jiangdu Subei Old Equipment Transfer Market, Taizhou Used Motor Market, Shanghai Jiangqiao Second-hand electromechanical market, Yucheng Zhenye material recycling motor machinery equipment market, Baoding Dainzhen second-hand electromechanical equipment market, Shenyang electromechanical equipment metal materials trading market, Ningde Xiapu Songgang waste equipment market, Qingdao Qinghai Road flea market, China Source Re-Bio-Capital Center, Baoding Xushui County Iron and Steel Market, Liuzhou Liuyu idle Electromechanical Equipment Market, Shaoxing Motor Market, Zhenjiang South Electromechanical Equipment Market, Yuncheng Flea Market Center, Northwest Nonferrous Metals Market, Mianyang Lanxiang Materials Recycling market, Yangzhou production materials market, Fuzhou Fuqing auto dismantling market, Qingdao Lisong District Wenchang Market, Changzhou Xiaodongmen old goods transfer market, Dezhou old goods trading market.

2, China's most famous second-hand motor market

The Taizhou second-hand motor market is China's most famous used motor trading center and the most specialized second-hand motor market. It is located in Yangdai Village, Luqiao District, Taizhou City (on the side of National Highway 104), with convenient transportation. The market has a full range of second-hand motors, including various large, small, micro-motors, explosion-proof motors, and special-purpose motors. The market is huge, with a business area of more than 60,000 square meters and hundreds of business households.

3. China's second-hand motor recycling

The number of used motor market in Taizhou is about 2,000 units/day, and the recycling weight is about 500-600 tons/day. Based on this, it is estimated that the used motor market in Taizhou will recover about 700,000 units per year. According to the survey, the number of motors recovered in the second-hand motor market in Taizhou accounts for about one-third of the country. The national second-hand motor recycling capacity is about 2.1 million units, a total of 15 million kilowatts.

4. Remanufacturing and use of used motors

There are three ways to remanufacture and use the motor, including re-use of the entire motor, reuse of parts, and reuse of waste. Among them, the entire motor recycling capacity accounts for about 50%, about 1.05 million units. Approximately 45% of the remaining motors are disassembled into individual parts for reuse, and 5% of the motors sell waste directly by weight.

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