State Grid North China Power Grid Wind Power Installed Capacity Exceeded 15 Million Kilowatts

- Oct 11, 2018-

China Compressor Network Recently, it was learned from the North China Power Grid Dispatching Center that the wind power installed capacity of North China Power Grid has exceeded 15 million kilowatts, reaching 15.2 million kilowatts; the maximum load of wind power generation exceeded 9 million kilowatts, reaching 9.22 million kilowatts. This indicates that North China Power Grid has become the regional power grid with the largest installed capacity of wind power in China and the highest real-time output of wind power.

In recent years, North China Power Grid Co., Ltd. has continuously deepened its research on wind power related topics and set up research on wind power grid-connected operation of key technology projects in North China Power Grid. Based on the research results, North China Company revised the wind turbine simulation model and parameters to improve the simulation accuracy, ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid, and improve the wind power consumption capacity of the power grid.

In 2010, after the wind power forecasting system and wind power data mining and analysis system developed and developed by North China Company went online, the power grid operation control and management capabilities were further improved, and North China Company actively responded to large-scale cluster wind power grid-connected to ensure clean energy. Delivery and consumption provide protection. At present, the company has realized automatic access to numerical weather prediction, using historical data and real-time data simulation to complete the next-day wind power forecast, and the prediction accuracy is significantly improved. In the dispatch center, the staff analyzes the results based on the predicted results and combines the historical data to incorporate wind power into the daily power balance.

It is reported that North China Company is actively carrying out research on wind and light storage technology, and recruiting professionals to participate in the technical plan discussion of the pilot project of scenery storage and transportation to optimize the design of the program. The research on wind power automatic active control system, combined planning and optimization of wind and light storage and storage, wind and light storage control strategy, and combined forecasting technology of wind and light are also being continuously developed and improved.

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