Stepper Motor May Not Start When Speed Is Too High

- Dec 11, 2018-

Stepper motor may not start when speed is too high

Anyone who knows a stepper motor knows that the torque of this motor will decrease with the increase of the speed. It is also clear that the motor can run normally at low speed, but the running speed is higher. After the value, there is a possibility that it will not start.

Linear stepper motor


This is because the stepping motor has a no-load starting frequency. This important technical parameter refers to the pulse frequency that the motor can start normally under no-load conditions. If the pulse frequency is higher than this parameter value, the motor will not start normally and is prone to occur. Out of step or blocked. Especially in the case that the motor itself has a load, the starting frequency will be lower, otherwise it will start at a higher speed and the motor will not operate normally.

If the motor must be rotated at a high speed during use, there should be an acceleration process in terms of the pulse frequency, and a high pulse frequency cannot be obtained directly at the start. Specifically, everyone uses a lower frequency when starting the motor. After the motor starts up normally, it will rise to the desired high frequency according to a certain acceleration, and the motor will be upgraded from low speed to high speed to meet the high speed of the motor. Turn the running demand.

Therefore, when using stepper motors, you must pay attention to the start-up operation, to avoid the phenomenon that high-speed can not start the motor.

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